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  1. Default Damage Calculator

    For the damage calculator on the main page, I put in this information.

    Battle Mage, using Staff:

    INT: 1057
    LUK: 116
    MATK (Total): 144
    Mastery: 50%
    Blessing: N/A (?)
    Amp: 100%

    Actual Range as displayed ingame: 10419~13891
    Calculator's guess at my range: 4691~6255

    Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Default Re: Damage Calculator

    ADA also comes into affect on your range, i wouldn't rely on that calculator too much

  3. Default Re: Damage Calculator

    You're right, derp. I did have ADA on, forgot to turn that off. Even still, though, it isn't matching up. Now its:

    Range shown in game: 8682 ~ 11576
    Calculator's guess at my range: 4691~6255

    I'd like to see what stats I'd need to get before I could hit a certain amount of damage per hit on finish blow. There was a guy lower leveled than me hitting like 170k (!?! Not kidding) per hit with finish blow. By contrast, I only hit 30k or so per hit.

  4. Default Re: Damage Calculator

    Are you adding the 30 MATK from ADA? 144 MATK seems extremely low for your range. You should have around 205 total.

    In either case, Battle Mage's ranges are inflated from the 30% Total Damage from Battle Mastery.

  5. Default Re: Damage Calculator

    You actually have 205 magic attack according to your int + luk + range, assuming max Battle Mastery.

    edit: With amplification at 130% and magic attack at 205 the calculator gives your range.



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