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  1. Default Best 5 tv shows.

    According to me following are top 5 tv shows.

    1. Arrow
    2. Friends
    3. Lost
    4. Family Guy
    5. Bones

    what do you think about these shows?

  2. Default Re: Best 5 tv shows.

    I like to watch Friends sometimes... but I've watched it so many times some scenes annoy me now.

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    Default Re: Best 5 tv shows.

    I have never watched Breaking Bad OR The Wire, i just know a lot of people love them.

    I love Friends, Lost and Family Guy too.
    Being British I have a big thing for British shows too, like Doctor Who, Being Human and Miranda.

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    Default Re: Best 5 tv shows.

    Thread's not too old, you can still post in there.

    As pointed out before:



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