Hey all!

So, I'm not so very sure if anyone will see this post (if ever), but if you do! and if you're in YMCK! and you're in a friendly/active guild! it would be great if I could join!
Right now, I'm holding off on my wanna-be DrK until I can get that 1+1 potion from my AB (just 13 more levels ). Once I finish up with my AB, I'll be on my DrK until either my eyes pop out or my fingers break. He'll probably be my main until the end!
So, I was wondering if there were any very nice/active guilds out there in YMCK that would be willing to add me? I don't really care much about bossing or merching or any of that stuffs. LHC training would be nice but not something overly important. I'd just like a guild that's filled with nice members who I can create some new memories with!

So, if any guild is willing to take my newbie DrK in, please either message me on SP or buddy me! -School's restricting me a bit -
IGN: Gylfheim

Thanks again guys!