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  1. Default Needing some feet help f4

    I really havent drawn feet in different angles in my years of being an artist. So atm im about to crazy over Riven's feet (from League of Legends) cause i feel like the more i keep messing with it the more im just pineappleing it up. So I was hoping for some insight or possible guidance.

    (I dun care if you take the picture and mark on it)


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    Default Re: Needing some feet help f4

    Last foot on first row looks appropriate.
    Honestly, I find it useful to browse some well known art sites like deviantART for some help because they have a lot of good examples shown there.
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    Feet and hands are hard. You gotta study them lots. ;-;
    cough I'm lazy right now.

    Her thighs also look short ― the femur is the longest bone in your body. Don't forget that the lower part of the leg thins out as it gets to the foot. And don't forget that the foot only has a limited range of movement compared to the hand because floating bones.



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