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  1. Default Capping with Smite

    My current goal is to consistently hit the 10m cap with smite on bosses when we get it. Math has never been my thing and I haven't messed with damage calculations before, but from what I've seen, I'll need at least a 300k range and near 200% boss, to hit it with AB link and the level 200 hyper active. Can anyone confirm this so I can have a better idea of what I need to do?

  2. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    I have a feeling @JoeTang; might have an idea.

  3. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    It'd be around 330k min range to hit it with every line if you have 100% defense ignore if you have 200% Boss. Around 270k if you just want all your crits to hit 10m.

  4. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    Ah, that's a bit higher than I had expected, and that's before using AB link and the 200 hyper? So 528k buffed total with 200% boss? I've got a good bit of upgrading left to go...

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    I wouldn't solely rely on the AB link as it gets nerfed shortly after Paladin's get their Hypers.

  6. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    That sounds like it could throw this off quite a bit, what does it get nerfed to?

  7. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    Gets nerfed from 50% to 30%, for other characters. I believe it gets buffed to 45% when Level 2 Links are released in Unlimited.

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    This was calculated with 50% AB Link and 10% from the 200 Hyper. You'll need to hit 100% Defense Ignore though.

  9. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    Mission accomplished!

    47xk range buffed before hyper and AB link, 137% boss.

  10. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    congratulations on meeting your goal!

  11. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    Alright, might as well just put this here instead of making a new thread for it. Next goal is full 50m cap hits with Heavens Hammer after unlimited, any idea what I'd need to make that happen with around 150% boss?


  12. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    More boss damage.
    With a 2m~2m range, you would need ~240% Total/Boss to hit cap when you include the Adventurer Hyper Buff, and then some more to overcome defense reductions. -20% if you take the Reinforce Hyper Skill, but I would advise against this.

  13. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    I believe he meant the theoretical range beyond 2m~2m that he'd need, since the range cap seems to be entirely visual and not a hard cap.

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    Total Damage will affect your base range, but your base range cannot exceed 2m~2m.

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    I know that total damage affects it, but I believe it was proven by Proxied that the damage range cap was only a visual cap and not actually a hard cap. Iirc, he tested it with poison damage with max range and then used an attack buff and luk potion, and the damage increased afterward with no other changes while maintaining the same range. Limgoon also exemplified this by upgrading his tyrant equips after he was already at max range and his damage continued to increase. The argument could be made that he upgraded that so he could cube other stats on his weapon while maintaining max range, but I don't think this is the case.

    Of course, other than DoT and summons, all of this isn't really testable until Unlimited hits anyway.

  16. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    I figured it'd be less than the 2m cap since a 530k buffed range lets me hit 10,049,999 with smite and HH hits for 4x that, but I have no idea how all this stuff is calculated anyway. I'm not even sure if it's possible for a paladin to hit the 2m range cap with their low weapon multiplier, unless you have 15 star tyrants and those crazy new AEEs on all your equips.

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    Default Re: Capping with Smite

    HH is weaker than smite. it does 431% while smite does 500%.

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    Ah, I was thinking about it while I was at work so I couldn't check in game, the site I checked must have had the % damage for the old HH. I guess I'll aim for 50m with smite then... this is gonna take a long time...

  19. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    That very well may only apply to DoTs. I don't exactly know how it works, but yes, venom damage will still go up.

    -No MW/Dark harmony


    -Added missing buffs

    -Added apple (I don't know why, just felt like I should add something that's not a buff)

  20. Default Re: Capping with Smite

    Actually, the damage of summons will still increase as well despite the cap; this proves it is just a visual cap.

    With only half of my buffs:


    With all of my buffs:




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