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    1. What NX weapon covers can I use on soul shooter? One is the free one we got. Does anything else that say "can be equipped on all weapons" work on them? If no, does anyone who plays KMS know if nexon released more NX weapon covers that do work on soul shooter?

    2. Which one is the correct translation for Iron blossom? The GMS one says that its effect is doubled (80% stance?) while the extraction one says it doubles the effect of Power transfer (2% absortion chance?)

    3. The 1 blue damage thingy with power transfer... how does it happen? It happens often enough, so I don't think you have a 1% chance for that to happen.

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    1) Not play GMS now but I assume there's a "Buy equipped items" button which when u click, buy all items u put on to preview ( if it wasn't removed in the cash shop revamp ).

    When I play GMS/MSEA, I just equip item i want to buy and click that button, if I can't use it a message saying "You can't equip that with your current equip, buy it anyway?" will pop up.

    Try it with some weapons which definitely won't fit first, if you see such message you could use try it with other items u want to buy, if you see the purchase confirmation window instead, just press the esc button and get out of cash shop.



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