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  1. Default How do people level up so fast?

    I even see a ZERO funded person who only get equips from Maple Admin getting to level 102 on the first day. How do they do that?

    Fastest I ever got was 50 in 1 day on a Luminous.

    What about KSers? How are they supposed to deal with them if they're damage isn't godly? It doesn't seem like getting a higher level character can scare them away. So how do they like avoid that with all the traffic?

    Where do they train?

    Also what was your fastest in 1 day?

  2. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    I was able to get my Luminous to 70 in a few hours with zero funding, just by doing the quests.

    Powerlevelers use the monsters in chimney until 55, aliens to 110, LHC to 160, drill hall to 170, HoH to 200.

    With the recent AB race-to-200 I got to 192 in ~20 hours. Could have been 200 but I didn't accept the 1.5x buffs and soul seeker kept DCing me. This was with ~6 months of preparation and a LOT of funding.

  3. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    How do they do it? Know where to go and beat the rush. Further ahead you are of everyone else, the less crap you have to deal with.
    Usually this resorts to buying an x2 EXP card from the Cash Shop to further increase the gap and avoid even more people.

    "Fastest" in 1 day? Level 10 -> 200 in 17-18 hours on my Kaiser.

  4. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Think the fastest/most I did in in one sitting was 1~14x, when I played Mercedes I think. There was a 2x event going on and I bought a 2x card, as well as having a party ready at 110 for LHC. Took about 6hs total? Something like that. The only character I "powerleveled" to 200 was my Dual Blade, which hit 160 in like 2 days (similar conditions), and 19x in 12hs more or so; then I went on a massive hiatus because the party I was SH/HoH'ing with all hit 200 and there weren't a lot of pick-up parties going on when I logged on. Once RLH came around I threw like 30k NX at it and got to 200 pretty easily. Total training/grinding time, probably less than 24hs. Didn't really have fun with the class because I wanted to play my Shadower really badly (it was 194 when I made my DB), but didn't want to fork over the 40k NX needed to xfer the gear back and forth every time...

    When I make new characters (which is rare, but happens) I generally follow this training route:

    10~30: Mixed Golems
    30~40: CDs at KC Square, or the mixed Cellions map in Orbis if the class has really good vertical mobility
    40~60: Twisted Jesters, usually Toy Room
    60~7x: Iron Mutae (B-1), Aliens (Corridor 5/6) if the class is OP as balls
    7x~110: Aliens (Corridors 5/6)
    110~165: LHC (usually with guildies who can destroy the spawn fast)
    165~170: Random KSH map, usually the 2nd map (Pirate mobs)
    170+: Hall of Honor

    Some of the areas are less than ideal for the level but I find that most of the new classes are ridiculously strong without funding anyway, and can handle the maps pretty easily. 2x helps a lot.

    Also I made an Angelic Buster and hit 106 on the initial day without 2x, only using those (free) 1.5x cards. Took like not even 4hs or something, class is retardedly strong.

  5. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Personally I've gone from 1 - 120 on Luminous, Kaiser and Angelic Buster within a 24 hour period unfunded. Unless you count E. Ring 1, 2 and 3, and all possible link skills + level 25 empress blessing.

  6. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Well how do you guys do this? Like seriously, why is it so hard for me to get to even 50 in 1 day????????? Help please?


  7. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Try not going to Jesters and etc. From my experience, especially on first days and/or if you're really unfunded, you're much better off going to alternative places to level, such as Sahel 1/2.

  8. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    The AB quests you start off with already get you to lvl 40 in like 1-2hrs max. If you are taking 8hrs just to get 10 more lvls after that then you need to follow what everyone else said above and pick your training spots. It doesn't take funds to do the easy AB quests (albeit long and quite a bit of walking).

  9. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Then what level should I start going to Sand Rat/Scorpions.

    Also, the transportation time seems so long. 7 minutes to get there from Vic Island + they do high damage. How would that be a good choice?

  10. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    You do know that you can go almost anywhere from Pantheon, right? Also, lol @ judging training spots by their distance from Victoria Island.

    This is the benefit of Pantheon. Pick a level and try it out. Try the mob. If it doesn't work out for you, just go back to Pantheon (hell, Karcasa near Ariant even warps you to Victoria for a measly 10k). Warp somewhere else. Simple.

    This is your gold mine. Right here.

    Getting back to Victoria from places

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    Are you following Nexon's leveling guide? That might make it hard to get to 50 in a day. I train at Zombies in NLC until 15, then on those little horses in the haunted house (nightmares or something?) until 25, then on scaracrows until 40, then on voodo/hoodo until 50, then on jesters until 70, then on alians until 110 (of course I do use a door to get there early) at which you can go to HLC. Getting to 70 in a day should be easy on that plan (maybe 10 hours at the most).

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    Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Well I remembered on Kaiser's release there was 2x but even without that, people would be able to level as fast as a locomotive train.

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    Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    How long do you play for in "1 day?"

    I ask because I think that may be where you're finding a major discrepancy between powerlevelers here and your own results. Note that when people say they grinded for 17-18 or 20 hours, they mean they grinded that whole time. If you're only playing 10 hours a day, for example, you're not going to accomplish what they can.

    Please bear in mind that I'm disgusted while saying this because playing that much is atrocious, as I can attest to being a former powerleveler playing 12-16 hour days consistently like these kids. It's not fun, or much less healthy, but it truly is a test of time commitment to really go far while leveling in such a relatively short period of time.

  14. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Not to mention a test of how much boredom you can endure.

    Hint: It's a lot.

  15. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?


    After powerleveling/finishing Magnus quests I haven't been able to sit on Maple for more than thirty minutes.
    Kind of sucks because I can't stand the thought of an empress run, while hackers are making bank on soul shooters.

  16. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    To think, to get you to take a break off maple, you have to endure power leveling a level 200 character No big deal, you have over 20 more to choose from! LOL

    Seriously I remember this girl from bera, who will be unnamed, she litterally found a method to maple in the shower. I remember I befriended her, cus I was curious of her method of training, back when 10 hours of training equaled like 12% or something ridiculous like that. So she'd train about 12 hours straight on MS, then litterally would log off, play a private server, where she was the highest level on that, for another 4 hours then sleep for 8.

    All bishop training too.

  17. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?


    I could/did take breaks before. I just can't stand maple atm after playing for such a long session.

  18. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    lol it would drive me insane sitting on maple playing consistently for more than a couple of hours. I used to do 4 hours max, but even then, I'd need to get off my ass for a little while because i'd get hungry or sore. Not to mention the eye strain. But i pretty much break all sanity at around 1-2 hours now. Training gets repetitive and i get bored (which is how i end up doing quests after a while to cool off).

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    Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    Yeah, again I think this is the crux of many contemporary confusions with "how to level so quickly." Even though you can (ridiculous as it is) go from 1-200 in a day now, it still takes an insane time devotion in that day.

    OP, be thankful things have changed from a few years ago. "Leveling quickly" then didn't mean playing 20 hours a day for just one day, but 16-20 hours a day for weeks on end. It's chronic behavior like this that gets really destructive to one's social life, relationships, well-being, etc., but it's what's required for those kinds of results.

    It seriously does hurt after a while though. I averaged 12 hours a day summer of 2009 when I went from 170-200, and had the most grueling time from 185-190, which I did in 3 days. Each of those days I trained on 2x cards with friends from 11 AM - 3 PM, 4 PM - 8 PM, 9 PM - 1 AM, 2 AM - 6 AM, sleeping from 6 AM - 11 AM. Doing that over a few consecutive days just hurts, so seriously OP, be thankful those days are over.


  20. Default Re: How do people level up so fast?

    No I'm not. For new jobs I did the quest til level 30 then went to CDs. Afterwards went to Scarcrows til level 50. Then Jesters. The problem with this is that there are a lot of KSers out there. They're always fighting over a map.
    I got to level 50 in 3 hours! I dunno why it happened seriously.

    I didn't have any EXP buffs on but I did have a 1.5x free coupon.

    Also, ABs have VERY low damage at 2nd job. They can't even hit 1k very often w/o equips and yet somebody claims to get to 100 in 1 day or less than 10 hours without extra equips? How is that even possible?
    What do you mean by "OP"? I'm not talking about power of any kind.



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