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  1. Default [Communication] Romero's Intermediate Test.

    Is there anything wrong with this quest? Whenever I click the icon on the left side to complete it, nothing happens and I don't really get a clue of what the hell I'm supposed to do with that quest.

    However, I've seen many AB's that got past that quest already, so I'm still wondering what am I doing wrong in there. D:

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    Default Re: [Communication] Romero's Intermediate Test.

    I can't remember what happens in that quest, so here are the only things I can think of:

    • Going to map 'Secret Merchant Meetup' (second from top left of Heliseum)
    • Using the communicator in your inventory?
    • Forfeiting and re-accepting the quest?

    Wish I could remember more. :(

  3. Default Re: [Communication] Romero's Intermediate Test.

    I have no idea if you are still stuck with this, but I went through it just recently, and this is what I observed: After accepting "[Communication] Romero's Intermediate Test," there should also be another new lightbulb quest called "[Communication] Not so Simple" which is what you would be doing to continue the quest chain.



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