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  1. Default Flame of reincarnation

    I wanted to ask a couple questions about this item as there's not much information on it aside from what I've read on a couple blogs and nobody really discussed the item here as far as I've been able to tell,

    1. Can it be used on any untradeable equip to become Silver SoK able? (Ex: original Silent crusade shoulder, previous event equipment)
    2. does it add extra options to items without slots as well? or only items with slots?

  2. Default Re: Flame of reincarnation

    From the few that I've used, I've found they do not work on Tempest equipment, nor on Xerxes Glasses. I used one on my Xenon hat though. I'm not sure what items without slots you could find to try this, but the rings I've tried (Unlimited, Xenon, Tempest, Winter, Ellin Forest faerie thingy) don't get Options.

  3. Default Re: Flame of reincarnation

    I see, Are there any rings/ accessories that you have seen that had extra options on? I wanna know if the tempestuous ring Kaisers get can have it used on them. (assuming not though) and as for items without slots I'm curious to see if the Cursed Kaiserium would be able to get these extra options or (Doubt it but who knows )
    But overall essentially if an equip item was completely untradeable before and it had a flame used on it then it's treated as an SoKable item with a 5 count limit correct?



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