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  1. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Quit This Game For Good

    Hey everyone,

    I've been having some big mixed feelings about this game recently and I just like a few minutes to share my story with everyone. It's fine if you don't feel like reading.

    Alright so my name is Andy, moved into Bera, started in Scania and even in Tespia (Beta Server!).

    I shared an account with a dear friend back then, well, two dear friends: ClericManda and Mogoice. Mogoice played during Beta under the name of Mogo96 or some other numbers. Anyways, I didn't start Maplestory until a few months later when I thought that the game died after Beta.

    When I stepped foot into scania, I asked around (when there actually was still a community) to see if anyone knew ClericManda since she was a wonderful friend to me. I was lucky that someone did and I reconnected with this person.

    Then I tried to look for other friends,


    However, these searchings never conclude positively.

    (Just browsing through my Photobucket and man are these people nostalgic, I think I took this pic because I loved how Evil Wings looked like)

    Then, my first maple drama came:

    Sakuramiki was a person I married with. Even if I went out to buy Nx, she bought the wedding ticket for me and I was happy. But later on, school made me completely forget about maple and one day I came back. No one on my Buddy List was on, except her, who changed her name to OfSummer.

    We MSN'd, Skype and now we even text. That's what I loved about maple before, I actually made online friends. Not that they are any substitute to real life friends, but it's good to know that there are people out there that you can confine stuff to them and it'll never affect you in your life... Or so they say.

    I met BigXela one day when NLC just opened on the Pharoah Yeti. BigXela was Eldacar's cousin and Elitesquad's as well.

    There was one discussion I remember us having "VANESSA HUDGENS IS HOT OR NOT". I still remember my answer, she is not hot. Thanks to him, I started watching HSM and HSM2 and, of course, HSM3.

    Now why is BigXela so important? His cousin knew my cousin MechSniper, which is a big surprise. I mean, wow, the world is so small but at the same time, big. And Maplestory was quite popular amongst Asians so it's understandable. Anyways, it wasn't until 3 years ago that I found out that my lab partner is BIGXELA. Who would've known. One day we were studying and we decided to pull up the Maplestory Rankings and oh boy, as he typed in BigXela I was shocked and couldn't believe it. I mean, yeah, we failed our exam, but boy did we become good friends and hopefully, still keep in touch despite our busy university schedules.

    One guild I will always remember, in Scania, was ArsenicOath. Jess, she was a wonderful leader, I remember her describing what the true meaning of a guild is in the BBS. Boy, was I touched. Of course, she made me cry a few times, but hey, those were tears of joy :).

    I wish that one day I can talk to her again, if she ever reads this, yes it's me AndySlash the cry baby. I've heard rumors that she "suicided" . As much as that is hard to believe, I don't know what to believe anymore. They're online interactions for a reason, but if it's true... Amen.

    As time went on, I met more people who played Maplestory and went to my High School. I also managed to make them come back.


    (I'm just naming people at this point...)

    But then, one by one, from that same order, they got hacked. Nexon, I have lost all my trust in you. From cubes to shield scrolls, what has this game become? I remember people buying NX exclusively for looks!

    "Guys should I get the Blue Boxing Gloves or the Red ones" we're said back then instead of "Guys should I buy cubes now or wait for the next sale".

    I thought Nexon promised us that NX would not result in power. Now that I think of it, that was all a lie...

    Anyways, friends started quitting one by one, guilds disappearing one by one, losing their true value of close friends and people you can actually (virtually) bond with. Now, only one of these remain and he's my best friend in real life.

    Now the real dilemma is, am I playing this game because I made him play this game or am I still playing because he's playing.

    What am I saying, they're both the same reasons no?

    I'm trying to justify the interest I have in this game by projecting my image onto his'. I told myself countless times I should not go back, but where am I at now? Multiple level 100+ characters (they're not worth much these days anyways), always merching to get better, training to get higher...


    Where is the personal achievement? Is it from getting a 60% boss damage weapon or is it from acquiring levels? I know for a fact that for me, I'm drawn into this game for reasons I can't even word out. There's something about this game that keeps me in. But I don't want that, I'm in University, I should focus on other things.

    I am not fully dependent on this game if that's what you guys think, I can totally control myself and my leisure time usually ends up in Family Time -> LoL with friends -> Derp on MS.

    That's the thing "derp" on MS. Maplestory doesn't have the same meaning as the past anymore and my things are just worthless. this game became worthless. I regret spending every single penny for this game. This game doesn't make me smile anymore and in the past few days, I've spent countless hours training at LHC and merching just to find a bit more Mesos in my storage. Why? Why am I being drawn into this?

    I feel that the only way to find a suitable answer, would be to quit this vicious cycle and quit the game. Now, I have a little relative who still plays this game that I would be more than happy to give him all my 6 years worth of "antiques", but I don't want him to lose more time on this game than I did. I don't want to put him in the same thing I am going through right now.

    so, this is my question for you guys, is this the time where I should be quitting? This game consumes too much time, and I keep coming back for events and such. What would be the best course of action for me to take?

    I don't mind giving my things away, but I don't want to condemn anyone in what I am going through.

    This has been boggling my mind for the past few days, and if anything I should do is stop this game and move on. I enjoy reading about maplestory but the game is just as repetitive as ever.

    And at the same time, doesn't Nexon realize that Maplestory has become a bottle that's down to more than half of it's content? I mean, the bottle is fully sealed so that no new comers will ever be able to enjoy this game at the current state is in. The bottle is leaking with every player that is leaving the Maple Community (I can't even call this a community anymore since, after all it's basically Scarecrows, jesters, MP3, Aliens, LHC, SH, HoH, 200GGREMAKE now...)

    I'd really like opinions about what I am going through and would be happy to elaborate more and more for those who would like.

    This game lost all of its integrity and I feel like I'm losing more in the end. this game just turned into whatever and there's no sense of achievement anymore.

    What's holding me back... I don't know, it's memories, but at the same time, bad ones.

    TL;DR: this game was filled with memories, but turned into a pomegranate hole. Kashari3 sorry for hacking you, I will always owe you deeply my gratitude.

    Inspirational video:
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  2. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I've been pondering on the same thing and I'm definitely quitting some time after my Phantom hits level 200, but I would say you have more reasons for quitting than I do. You seem to want to continue only out of obligation to some people but this isn't an issue as you know them in real life so why continue if your heart's not in it and your story that began years ago is essentially over?

  3. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I agree with the "Maple is so time-consuming" bit. It all definitely adds up.

    When I quit this game, I completely uninstalled it for reasons same as yours (way too busy - school, board member of a student organization, social life, and a relationship to juggle). Maybe that's one route you could take?

    I still played other games I avidly loved (umm, Super Smash Brothers and Tetris tournaments, anyone?) but I realized Maple couldn't be one of them.

  4. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    i play maple for funsies. Though i;m a frugal basterd who makes his own money and doesn't spend NX on the idea that if i really really want it, I'll spend my own money (but i usually just prioritize other wastes of money). I say stop trying to do more and just be content with what you have. In all honesty I have no idea why i play this game. it's not addicting, it's not the most fun in the world and i could spend much more time on time worthy games like LoL or SC2 (which could be lucrative considering how much time i spend on maple). I guess i use this more as a stress outlet than an actual game. When i'm on it's mostly to solo train and just to see what's up in game nothing more/nothing less. If i level i level, if my damage sucks, who cares? I just like the game for what it is and I've never really liked the who GIMME MONEY AND YOU'LL BE BETTER THAN EVERYONE (or been a fan of spending NX in general). I've had fun and I find my own ways of making fun in the game. Mostly that involves playing the new characters for fun, seeing how awesome i can make my character with cheap equips i get from events. I stop playing when there's school work obviously, but no real reason to quit the game. I'd rather be addicted to this than something like CoD. Sometimes its just a matter of playing something new. For example: my goal is to make my paladin, cannoneer, and mechanic all to level 140 in time for their respective hyper skills. But then i have seen tempest classes come out, so I'm playing those. My goal now is to get my angelic buster to 120 for the complete set and so i never have to fund (and by fund i use that very loosely because "fund" nowadays mean billions on billions of mesos while fund to me means "i can trade my equips to myself and reuse it) it ever again. I;d say, if you enjoy the game not for it's incompetent community, but for the game itself, the keep playing. If you're just fed up with everything, id say take a break from it and play other games. This game is not worth the frustration.

    TL;DR: I play because i want to and for no other reason beyond making my own fun and that's the way it should be. IF you're not having fun, stop playing- Maple i not worth losing your hair over.

  5. Proton

    IGN: Veniece
    Server: Windia
    Level: 163
    Job: Battle Mage
    Guild: Voyagers
    Alliance: StrawHats

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    dang i really have a similar maple past like you. one thing i realized is that guys like us feel like we can never quit(because of the social memories we have on maple and the nostalgia). So don't try to convince yourself you can. Instead, accept it and take it slowly. What I mean is just like you said that you 'derp' on maple, derp a little more instead of merching and start going on maple less and less. Once youre at the point of going on maplestory maybe once a week you will finally be able to live the life you want. You might be wondering 'if i only go on once a week whats the point of playing maple' but thats the point, you wanted to spend less time on maple and quit possibly. It will feel like you quit, and it wont matter that youre still playing maple since you play so little, and psychologically youre convincing yourself that you've quit maple.

  6. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I'll probably be quitting myself eventually, mostly due to the fact that Nexon America is just a greedy bunch of... pomegranates? Is that the slang we use? -new to perry- :3 I can understand what you're coming from and, ultimately, we'll all feel something similar in time. This game is dying slowly... I feel that I've done most the things available in this very limited game (traits, medals, levels, gears) and there's nothing much to keep you going after 200, except make another class just to repeat the process. It's become too much of a pay-to-win kind of game.

    I feel like you should just quit and get it over with. Holding onto false obligations or past memories will just add onto the small rope you're holding. I say let the pretty memories stay pretty memories, instead of letting them die and becoming nothing but pain and regret. You've had a nice run!

    Good luck and best wishes to you, my fellow mapler!

  7. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    Nexon America has nothing on Asiasoft. Nothing, I tell you.

    That being said this is good advice. Your sweetest memories of Maple would eventually become tarnished if you keep playing because you feel like you have to. I normally just log in to do some upkeep now and it's been working decently.

  8. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    You should do what I do now-a-days for MS. Come back for a few days after each patch, play it a bunch, then just stop playing again.

    I honestly cannot find many reasons to keep playing anymore. I had to stream to nobody(no one ever shows up for my streams) to even give myself a reason to play my Kaiser in JMS. What is that reason? "Well, I want to stop playing, but I just started streaming, so I should keep playing a little longer." It's very hard for me to find a wish to play MS anymore. It's just not fun anymore. Then, on the off chance I find something fun about it, Nexon pineapples up so hard it's not even funny. Like the fact that it's been two weeks and I still cannot play my Kanna because it's LITERALLY broken. I equipped a medal, and now I cannot perform any actions besides jumping, moving, talking to NPCs, and going into the Cash Shop. Two weeks later it's still not fixed.

    So whenever I look at that desktop icon for MapleStory, I ask myself, "Why should I continue to play this game when Nexon gives me every reason not to?" Somehow I still occasionally double click it.

  9. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    Welcome to me before discovering the Phantom nerf or me before discovering that contents get nerfed by Asiasoft all the time, hence excitement no longer exists. If it's not the parent company screwing things up the distributors somehow manage to make things so broken up that it's bloody annoying to do anything. Case in point...I've been disconnected a few times for that packet hack reason while doing literally nothing in the game (How literal? Well, I was just browsing the Internet and I didn't even download anything or play any games). As I was charging up my pendant for more EXP this was frustrating and each incident like that meant I'd just stop playing for days.

  10. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    When it comes to Maplestory, quitting is always the right thing to do.

  11. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I encourage you to quit or actually tell yourself if 200 is actually important. My dream was to reach 200 on at least one character, but I guess I'll never achieve that with all I'm experiencing at the moment. In fact, I flinch when I recall that as being a dream since that's not what dreams are supposed to be like anyways. It's just a self-serving accomplishment that leads no where.

    Today, I spent my day offline going to see my nephews. I was ashamed that I haven't seem them more often and the "newborn" (who is 13 months old!) saw me for the first time and he had a fuzzy gaze and smiled/laughed/giggled at everyone else instead of me. Yeah, all that family time where did I spend them on. I am a compulsive gamer when it comes to maple, but that's only one of the bad experiences from this game.

    My good friend always tells me to quit (SForStar) after he got hacked. He's talking to me right now, read my post and telling me "told you so". I shouldn't have spent all this surplus time on this game...

    I deeply love League Of Legends and find the community amazing. Also, it's not just a game, it's a place where I can chill with some of my good friends and "solve" problems and stuff. It also has that fun aspect and less of that sense of striving to get better and better. I mean, my life is pretty much stable at the moment and I don't want it to get worse.

    Like I said in the post above, I would do anything to spend more time with my nephews.

    League Of Legends, there's not much of a commitment since there's no continual up-to-date necessary or stuff like that. I mean maplestory is fun to keep up to date as well, but with everything Nexon shoves at our face, it feels like we must always be there to experience the new content (or the Nexon-scam). Pokemon, Yugioh... all those childhood memories I still follow to some extent and not into them like I am with Maplestory. It should be just healthier if I quit this thing.

    I refuse to read the TL;DR because you spent valuable time reading mine so I read it all. Maple is/was fun, but as the days goes by, it still feels like an empty shell since everything I achieved in Maple has been transmitted to real-life context. I don't like the game any more nor it's community. I play to play with my best friend and I thinkwe can find something else.

    NX is stupid. Funding is stupid. NEXON is retarded.

    I think the problem is that I'm taking it TOO slow. It's been 2 years that my other Best Friend got hacked and I feel nothing towards that. He has motivated me to quit, but I refused to listen to him. Now, he can't be more right than he ever is. At one point, I quitted maple, but I guess the feeling of having that icon on my desktop and telling myself "I still have all that funding" is poisonous to myself.

    For example, I go on Neopets, not for what it brings, but for the memory as well. Lab Ray, stocks... I don't know why I spend 5 minutes of my day, everyday, for the past 5 years to click on a few buttons to "increase my pool of fund". There's no point in going back, that game died earlier than my pet hamster and there's no eventual future relationship between me and that game. I'm just funding to fund, or, like I said earlier, the game is just an empty shell. I'm not appreciating the game for what it is, but based on my ressources. I feel like I spent WAY too much and committed WAY too much to leave. The ideal, for me, would to get hacked. My friend said "no problem, I can do that", but that's not the way to go. I want to leave this lame game with a smile, not by grief. I want to be happy that I quit this game for the right reasons instead of losing everything for the wrong reasons.

    I am holding on to false obligations and I feel like this is exactly what I should be doing. I should be putting my hand on the stove for playing maple today, going on my mules to collect the Hot Time items. It's pointless, stupid and I'm not accomplishing anything. Everyday, I suffer more and more. This game lost its sense of accomplishment that it used to have and the community is summarized by independent soloing/leeching.

    I hope your eventually is soon because I'm quitting today. Don't know how I'll manage even though I have given enough thought into this. Listening to good music now as I type my remaining traces in Maplestory.

    I mean one day, I can't wait to chat with my best friend about useless things like "man those look like steelies" or "wish I can just Octopunch the pomegranate out of these people". I wait for that day with a smile.

    The icon is my sin and the reason why I came back. It should have been gone long ago and I keep coming back and back. Every time I realize what I have in this game makes me return to it even though everything I have acquired has been transmitted to real life situations. This game is pretty much long gone and an empty shell used to burn my free time when I can be doing better things. It's sad that we sometimes play this game to fulfill our own predispositions without fully assessing how much fun we are actually having with this game. I don't know, just my 2 cents about this game. I won't regret this I am sure.

    Quitting is the right thing to do and I think I have made a decision. However, what do I do with all of this? I don't want to doom someone else into having all my belongings and continuing since I wish that everyone would just move on from this trap hole.

    I talked to a random person yesterday before I logged off, and, of course, he told me "CAN I HAVE YOUR THINGS?". I said I'll think about it. I honestly would give him everything, none of this has any meaning to me, all the money spent on this game is stupid. Perma Pet LOOT/POT... everything. All that 100$ spent on this game who was fun IN THE PAST. Now, it's filled of regret.

    Anyways, I don't want to give him anything not only because he's a stranger because I don't want him to endure all of this. However, I don't want to keep this stuff since it'll never actually rot in my account if I know that these items are fairly accessible...

    Let this be a small step and I hope I can help everyone quit this game for good.
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  12. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    If any of you find a way to quit for good, please let me know.

    When I was exposed to MS back in middle school, it corrupted part of my soul, and that corrupted part always manages to pull me back into the game. Haven't played for years, but then suddenly Big Bang! EXP table reductions! New classes! Link Skills for playing said new classes!

    Yes, it sounds silly saying this as an active member of a message board dedicated to Maple Story, but I want out.

    I wish to be free from this prison.

  13. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    Well, I'm quitting once Unlimited comes, since I don't approve of the new boss changes.

  14. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    Give away everything you have, delete all characters, uninstall Maple and that should work...

  15. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: SeeMeTwice
    Server: Scania
    Job: Band of Thieves
    Guild: Perpetual ~ Nocti
    Farm: Wisteria ~ Mississippi

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I think most everyone playing now has the same feelings on Maplestory.
    Still playing, but not knowing why.

    I really don't know why I play myself.
    The fact that it's an MMO means there's always a new deal I'm trying to save up for before someone else buys.
    The events making it able to obtain expensive or game breaking items such as 9/7att scrolls and CS'es.

    Other than that, I really don't know.
    All I'm doing by bossing (which is pretty much all I do other than chatting with friends and keeping up with hell like time consuming events [and getting into bosses takes up hell like time as well, why are they not instanced?) is making money to buy.. more stuff... to kill... more bosses... to buy.. more stuff.

    I think no one is able to get to an end because there is no end. It's a vicious circle and we're trapped in it.

  16. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    I hope that everyone leaves the cycle since a this is merely an illusion saying that you can still grow as a mapler, but deep down, this game has fallen and is way past its expiration date. My goal would be to help every individual quit. I have lost the true meaning of having fun with this game and there's no point in continuing.

    For those who say "I will quit", why not quit now? I mean, you are already planning to quit once X event has reached, but in between, what will happen? Absolutely nothing! Unless, of course, you are actually having fun.

    What I tried to do is level up my Angelic to 70 with quest line and level-appropriate mobs that are not Malaysia or NLC. I stopped at 22, why? Was it slow? No, it was a pointless goal because it lacked the fun I used to have for maple. For playing 6 years, that is pretty much expected.

    As for deleting everything on such a quick notice, that will only cause huge grief once it's gone. The magic thing would be if I get magically hacked, unconsciously. Maybe a few bottle of beer should work their magic...

    Nexon is doing everything to give Maplestory that spark to entertain the CURRENT player base. Eventually, everyone falls off, it's just a matter of time because, in no way, is this game promoting new players (see my example of the bottle in the original post).

  17. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    @Zuruzuka; I figured that doing daily PQs and a bit of MP every day doesn't suck up a lot of my time and I've always wanted a level 200. Call it silly, but at least I don't have to spend a lot of money to get it so it's not as bad as having an aim to solo Cygnus and then quitting.

  18. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    That's good. I mean, you have the ambition to reach 200 and your goal to say that "it's all over and you wrap it up well". I wish you good luck and I hope you promise me that you will be quitting the moment it is 200 :). Of course, have all the fun post-200 and then delete that nasty icon and it's all good :)

  19. Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    That I will. Actually, besides actually getting to level 200 there's a screenshot I need to take with my level 200 Phantom at a certain PQ that awards demonic pendants as an eternal keepsake.

    ...thinking about it, that is probably motivating me more than having a level 200.

  20. Proton Gay Male
    IGN: Ferons
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Chrono
    Alliance: Nocturnal
    Farm: Kansas

    Default Re: Quit This Game For Good

    My dream would be taking a picture of me and my best friend, each with out pair of specs at Perion Channel 1. I mean, with the rest of my funds, I can get it. Sadly, MS doesn't exist on my computer.



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