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  1. Default Affinity Heart IV questions

    So I have a question with Heart I and IV skill. I feel like the description for it is so obvious but I still need clarification.

    When it says there's a 100% chance to reattempt to recharge, does that mean that if it fails to recharge, it will automatically reroll to see if it recharges or not? Or will you see a fail icon first and then a recharge (if successful)?

  2. Default Re: Affinity Heart IV questions

    Fairly sure its the latter. I didn't play and lvled one long enough to properly test for you though lol. Seems to work that way, I'd need a sp reset if I even want to test it.

  3. Default Re: Affinity Heart IV questions

    There's no delay between a failed recharge and the second roll from Affinity IV; if either roll passes, you'll never run into the 'fail' thing.
    Trinity is weird though, so don't go by it as an example of anything.

    The 'fail' icon only appears when you try to use something that isn't recharged, it doesn't automatically show up.



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