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Thread: [Notice] Auto-Patching Solutions

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  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Auto-Patching Solutions

    Yeah, because we all have Korean-standard internet connections.

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    Basically, you get these errors, you're pineappleed.

    Took me 7 hours to download and reinstall the game after the patch. Would've been longer, but my brother was at work so he wasn't bogging my connection down even more at the time. :|

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    Took me an hour to download.
    I felt like a spoiled brat the entire time it downloaded: "I wanna play Maple and use my NX to make my AB look cooler."

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    They should've just provided a working Morph.wz. Easier solution.

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    That's how I fixed mine, someone uploaded theirs at the request of Fiel the night before the patch or something, and it worked for me too.

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    Someone should just upload their working file to a public file host.

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    Someone already did. Check out the GMS Patch thread in the Nexon Announcements board.

    Given some of the posts I read where people don't know how to replace a file - I think this would be a mistake. Their solutions are pretty well guaranteed to work.

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    Morph.wz link 1
    Morph.wz link 2

    credits go to Yuel and Green4Ever for their original s

  10. Neon Atom Straight Male
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    My "lightning fast" satellite internet connection strongly supports this post.

    What is Morph.wz used for, anyway? Those "monster transformation" potions they give out during events? Sheesh.

  11. Default Re: Auto-Patching Solutions

    That and a lot more - like Bucc transformations. Anything where your character "morphs" into another character like in PQs is part of Morph.wz. I've probably needed to look a it only 2-3 times in over 300 patches that I've done. It's fairly useless from an extraction point. But Reactor.wz is even worse. Pretty much pointless for extraction purposes.

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    So how did some computers end up with a bad version and others were fine?
    Was there a mini-update that some missed and some didn't?
    I had one comp where the auto-update worked perfectly, and another where morph.wz had to be replaced. (But full download like they recommend was not required)

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    Reinstalling wasall that worked for me. None of the links people provided worked ror me.



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