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    Legit answer from screw attack, I think at least.

    By the way T4F is the voice actors and all get cameo's.

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    Well, at least they didn't use Superman Prime, so I won't mention DBGT Goku, who could take on anything besides Demonbane. Even still, this isn't a very realistic premise to begin with; Goku doesn't just start fights for no reason, he would probably have just ended up in an eating contest with him. If it had come to an actual fight, Goku would still have won by SSJ3.

    Besides, everyone knows the Flash at full power is stronger than both of them combined.

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    Frankly the only thing, the only thing bothers me, is I think they flunked out on a technicality rather than staying to true to the results, Goku not making the connection that superman is gaining "ki" from the sun would have been discovered asap.

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    Actually, both of them lost. Earth, in its entirety, was obliterated. Both Goku and Superman lost all of the people they know, love, care about, and fight for their lives to protect.

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    Super-man will just go back in time till before it was destroyed and prevent it from happening.

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    And then it'd all happen again. 'Cause you know, apparently Goku is an instigator.

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    I know right? They made him off as someone who's just so stupid. Goku likes a challenge but he doesn't just break a stone weakening an opponent and kick him in the face. That's so out of his character, it's like they only watched teamfourstar, or it had the biggest influence. Sure the cameo was there but at least have an ACCURATE character, not a parodized one.

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    IMO from the fights I've seen there, almost everytime a "cartoony" character fights a more realistic one the cartoony one always win, since they are cartoons and cartoon powers are basically limitless(and when two cartoon characters fight the cartooniest one wins), but I might be wrong, haven't seen all their fights not even many.

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    "I wanna beat you at your best. It's not fun if it's not fair."
    "Gee than-" (kicked in the face)

    Lmao why would they make Goku use his pole?
    And why would he wanna kill someone like that without knowing what they want, or if they mean any harm? jeeeezzzz
    I was hoping Goku would win, but yea, superman is superman after all. :c

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    Because superman is weak to magical attacks, and the power pole is magical. It gave him a good advantage for a moment in the fight, so why wouldn't he use it?

    Whatever. Earth and everyone who died is back in a week once Goku (since death is incredibly cheap) asks the Namekians to wish it back with their dragonballs.
    Because thats the point of death battle. Anyone fighting who would normally NOT kill the opponent (like, a good 75% of characters in the death battles, including both goku and superman) doesn't follow that logic for the duration of the fight.

    Did... did no-one else watch dragonball? Goku would start a fight, for the sheer challenge of it, even if the fight was avoidable and by avoiding it, could prevent people getting hurt. For example, Goku as a saiyan still loved fighting, and at times, he put other people in severe danger so that he could fight a strong opponent.

    Including the androids (he could easily have destroyed them before they were awakened, but chose not to so that he could fight them)

    And I'm sure thats not the only time he did it either.

    Sorry that it wasn't an anime episode,and that they didn't feel like wasting 15 minutes on staring each other in between attacks.

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    You don't see the irony of him stating "I want to fight you at your best" then essentially sucker punching him in the face? Or the fact that he couldn't figure out the sun meant stronger before having to throw him into it? Considering he kind of handles life energy as kind of an attack. That's a huge inconsistency I can't take, when has goku ever tried to read someones mind like that to find a weakness?

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    It honestly doesn't matter even if goku knew about the sun being superman's weakness(Or rather, that the lack of sun is his weakness.), superman moving at max speed could easily locate a new yellow sun.
    Superman is just... Well yea superman. Atleast it wasn't earth 1 superman vs goku, that fight would've been a joke.

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    If he didn't sundip he would have lost against SSJ4, that's the impression I got from the battle. Thats really the only legitimate complaint I have about the battle. I feel like the whole team4star thing skewed it though and it put him out of character. Goku likes to fight, but he does it honorably, not "Hey sup let's rumble".

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    Well, the thing is, he could always have found another sun to sundip in. Goku can't breath in space so he wouldn't be able to follow super-man into a sun since, you know he needs to breath and if there is no air anywhere near super-man he can't instant transmission there either since that'd kill him and thus he wouldn't be able to destroy the sun either.
    Superman could then absorb as much energy as he wanted, get back to earth with his broken speed and kick goku's ass.

    But well, i always found comparing beings from different universes to be quite silly to begin with. I mean i don't see superman being able to fight STTGL for example, but goku could just instant transmission into the cockpit and kill the pilot.

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    I don't want to argue about this as you're right, but I do want to clarify a few things;

    Any Saiyan can freely travel in space, just as superman would, neither can breathe in space, simply are capable of holding their breath for a long time. It could be argued that goku is incapable because of the fact he wasn't raised in that type of environment. I think the battle would have been a lot more legitimate if they didn't scoff goku off as an idiot that can't see his lifeforce being affected by the sun moving closer in. I don't think goku would have teleported him or try to purposefully fight him in the dark, like the kryptonite it would have been an advantage, but it would have certainly stopped him from firing him INTO the goddamn thing.

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    Oh i agree, this fight was far from accurate, i completely agree, goku was completely out of character, he's a genius martial artist and a master of noticing ki-energy and changes to it. I don't disagree there at all. There based him too much off the goku from T4S, as was already mentioned.

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    I was pretty sure Goku got strong enough that the power pole was obsolete. And I doubt that Goku knew that Super Man was was weak to magical attacks (I didn't even know that), so I don't see the point of him using it, really.
    I guess it was just a -let's see what happens when they use all of their abilities and equipment- thing.

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    The stats and such at the end are pretty impressive and well thought out. They left out a few abilities of Goku though, such as after recovering from near death Sayians become even more powerful.

    But other than that, like Malthe has said, comparing characters from different universes is just silly. I mean, Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears would win against any character from any universe due to the simple fact that he is basically God in human form.

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    Gods can be killed pretty easily, don't you play any jRPGs, that's basically every final boss!

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    Lack of a better defining term.

    I should say that he is so powerful that he has limitless abilities. Any ability from any character from any universe he himself can have if he wishes it.

    If his human body is killed his spirit lives on with all his powers and thus he can create another body.


    I wish I could explain it better.



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