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    So my old computer (1st computer) broke a month ago and I got a new one (2nd computer). Was really unhappy with it so friend helped me get one that so far I really enjoy and I plan to reutrn the other one I got. Got my new computer (3rd one) today and so far everything is fine. Only a few things that bother me though

    1. When I use my mute button on my keyboard, If i press the volume down button, it unmutes it. I don't think that happened on my 1st computer but it is something I can live with

    2. When watching youtube in non-full screen, my volume keyboard buttons would not work on my 2nd keyboard. I have only tested a few vidoes on my 3rd computer and I havent had any issues

    3. The biggest problem I have is the following. When I play league or dragon nest in window mode (have not tested maple yet but it might do the same thing), I have them at 1024x768 res for the windows + my own monitor. When I have the DN window up, there's the game screen in 1024x768 and then the title bar at the top that says "Dragon Nest" and has the red X bar, and etc. If I try to move the window up so that part is technically off my monitor which means I can see my entire game screen, the window will automatically go back down so the title bar is at the very top. This cuts off the bottom of my game screen. I can switch to a different res but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

    Better picture to come later but sort of what i'm talking about

    |___this part here is not visible__|

    Edit: 1st comp was vista, 2nd and 3rd are win7

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    1. Sounds normal imo.

    3. Do you have a small monitor? If yes, can you get a bigger one? What I can suggest is reducing the size of the title bar (reducing text size will allow you to further reduce the size of the title bar) and the border padding. I believe it is possible to use a 3rd party program to remove the title bar and padding altogether but I'm not familiar with doing so.

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    Here's an AutoHotkey script that makes alt+mouse wheel change the volume that may help with #2:

    !WheelUp::Send {Volume_Up 1}
    !WheelDown::Send {Volume_Down 1}
    It doesn't help with #1, but why are you changing the volume while the sound is muted?

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    I have a tendency that if I'm watching something and it turns out to be really loud, I will mute it and then lower the volume (most often with skype).

    As for the monitor, it's a square one about 15x15 more or less [i think the diagonal was a 17 when i checked it a few months ago). I had to get used to a 1600x900 res and now i'm back to this old 1024x768 res and everything looks huge. I might just increase the res and force my eyes to get used to it.

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    You should run in native resolution if it's an LCD monitor. You can adjust the text size in Windows.

    For the games, I think the feature you're looking for is borderless windowed mode. Check the video options to see if that exists, and if not, try Googling "[name of game] + borderless windowed" to see if anyone has come up with a solution.

    Edit: You need to run at native resolution for borderless windowed mode to work. In some games, the option won't even show up if not.



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