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  1. Default Using a game controller / Joypad

    I'm trying to use a controller (Philips SGC2909BB/27) with maplestory using the latest version of JoyToKeys (I also have the latest version of xpadder) and maplestory is not recognizing the JoyToKeys (or xpadder) inputs.

    I have gone through the setup FAQ on both of these programs from their makers, and the programs in fact work in notepad (their tutorial) other games (Minecraft [java based] and The Secret World) but not in maplestory.

    Maplestory itself recognizes the controller, and when I play around with the in game 8 buttons support it (the ingame set up not JoyToKeys or xpadder's set up) works. I have set those settings to "none" and still can't get either xpadder, or JoyToKeys to work in maplestory.

    I've tried running Maplestory in windows mode, and full screen. With Windows OSK running and without. Nothing works.

    Can someone help me out with this? I asked on the official maplestory forums but no one had a clue.
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    You're better off leaving the joystick recognition to Xpadder, and having XPadder's joystick recognition translate it into keyboard key presses.

    If that's what you're already doing (I'm not sure I was getting what you were saying), then I don't know what's wrong.

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    I just use the built in Joypad support in MS and I've had no issues with it. I use a Hama Black Force.



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