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  1. Default Light or darkness?

    EMS is getting luminous next week or at least a lot of people are assuming with facebook posts and events endind.

    So which side is the best to choose? Im mainly asking towards after damage cap was increased, because I know before damage cap increase light would be the best option or am I wrong on that?

  2. Default Re: Light or darkness?

    Based on GMS, I'm sure the version you'll be getting gives you no choice on the path selection but you get both of the 5% enhancements in the 1st job.

  3. Default Re: Light or darkness?

    Oh thanks, I guess I'll be going with dark then, because 2nd job mobbing skill seems crap compared to dark 1st job.

    That is if we get a path selection.

  4. Default Re: Light or darkness?

    GMS is auto dark selection can't even pick the light side. For training purposes, dark is best for 1st job, light for 2nd and 3rd, by the time you get to 4th job it no longer matters because its the same in all versions anyways.



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