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  1. Default A rather lofty question: what's happened in the past 2 years?

    I'm not exactly interested in playing again, but some friends have been goofing around in the game lately so I'm looking back into it.

    It's just... I haven't even looked at news about the game in a long time and I want some idea of what I'd be getting into. Without going over tons of individual patch notes, is there a summary of every big thing that's happened since... around this time two years ago or so?

    I know there's like a billion new classes that I'll need to learn about, but even beyond that, did anything revolutionary happen gear wise? Any new areas to check out or something like that? Did the economy implode? Any big scandals?

    It's a lot to ask, but I don't know where else to stick this.

  2. Default Re: A rather lofty question: what's happened in the past 2 years?

    How long ago was the Big Bang? If you missed that update, that was the first really massive update, the main thing being its now about 100 times easier to level. A big, recent thing is that the third-job advancement now happens at level 60, and fourth at 100. I'm sure there are other big things, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

  3. Default Re: A rather lofty question: what's happened in the past 2 years?

    -There are now four tier of potential: Rare, Epic, Unique and Legendary.
    -Nebulite Slot that is basically like another line of potential, where specific Nebulites can give skills, stats, etc.
    -Bonus Potential: More lines of potential (up to a max of 2 ATM)
    -Some equipment a have a Set effect where you can get bonus stats for wearing the same armour.

    -There are plenty of new and more efficient maps for training now, but the old maps still work fine. (Maybe not 110+)
    -Lots of events are going now which gives free 1.5x Coupons, which is good if you're planning to come back soon. :)
    -It doesn't take as long to level as it did two years ago (The EXP curve got cut down drastically!)
    -Bonus EXP areas (50% more EXP per member in your party) make training more sociable.

    Party Quests
    -Battle Mode (PvP) allows players to fight against other players but is it down for the moment.
    -New Party Quests: A lot of revamps with the PQs as well as some new additions! Great way to meet new players.
    -Azwan PQ: Basically a new PQ that gives an exclusive stat bonus for your character. It's like Free potential for your character!
    -Monster Park: A new PQ or training alternative where you can challenge dungeons with other players around your level and find great equipment that already come Hidden Potentialed!, as well as Coins where you can trade in for special items.

    -Professions: There are now 4 'jobs' you can learn (2 per character) which helps you create items, potions, extractors, etc. This is a great system for new maplers to earn some mesos. Also, the Professions help you increase your Personality Traits to increase your characters stats, earn permanent facial expressions, % more attack to Monsters/Bosses! Tons of things :)
    -Crusader Codex: The Codex is basically a reference book where you can open and check up the monsters HP/MP, drops and location after you collect it's card. (Not all monsters are recorded in the Codex)
    -Familiars: You can now adopt monsters and have them fight alongside you! Each monster has its own unique effect that can benefit you greatly in-game :) And if you ever get lonely... (Also, Androids can be created and are like your own cheerleaders! Hehe)

    Summary: The gameplay isn't too different from back then and it shouldn't take you too long to pick up the pace. Lots of new things have been added to enhance your gameplay compared to two years ago, so I'd totally recommend you giving it another chance!

    I hope this helps! If I made a mistake or forgot something MAJOR, feel free to add below!

    (BTW this is for Global Maplestory! I'm not sure about SEA or EMS)

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    Default Re: A rather lofty question: what's happened in the past 2 years?

    Just to put in perspective for some people, 2 years ago was the mech patch.

    Anyway, id reccomend Max's Blog. He posts about all the new kMS content, content that we have recieved by now



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