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    So I thought Angelic Buster was pretty cool in kMS pre-nerf but now I see the extractions and I can see that they kind of ruined her a bit. I have a share of %dex equips but my interest in MapleStory is pretty low.

    I played Xenon a bit in kMS and I found it fun too but should I jump back to gMS and make an Angelic Buster?

    As a side question, how is Windia now? Are the hackers that got banned from Magnus back there? Is it full of KSers like always? etc etc.

    These factors might persuade my decision more.

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    It's still release day so you're going to have to deal with people regardless of what you do. (assuming you care about exp rate that is, but since you also play KMS safe to say you don't)

    Hackers and whatnot...most likely will be on the extreme down-low since patch = BT not up. Anyone you see hacking at this point likely knows exactly what they're doing.

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    Windia's So-So, Some of the major hackers got ruined by the Magnus hacking, and yeah, theres still a few here and there, but its not as bad as it used to be.

    Getting into empress against hackers is still hard, and Kaiser is a hacker's best friend now, But there's still alot of good people and the economy doesnt suck balls as much as it used to.

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    You can make it for the link skill lv 1 and lv 2 if you're dedicated.

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    You can at least bot that Soul Seeker in gMS apparently.



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