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  • Hero

    12 6.94%
  • Paladin

    2 1.16%
  • Dark Knight

    2 1.16%
  • Fire/Poison Arch Mage

    5 2.89%
  • Ice/Lightning Arch Mage

    3 1.73%
  • Bishop

    7 4.05%
  • Bowmaster

    7 4.05%
  • Marksman

    3 1.73%
  • Night Lord

    6 3.47%
  • Shadower

    8 4.62%
  • Dual Blader

    13 7.51%
  • Buccaneer

    15 8.67%
  • Corsair

    4 2.31%
  • Cannon Master

    5 2.89%
  • Cygnus Knights

    1 0.58%
  • Mihile

    0 0%
  • Aran

    9 5.20%
  • Evan

    4 2.31%
  • Mercedes

    11 6.36%
  • Phantom

    13 7.51%
  • Luminous

    12 6.94%
  • Demon Slayer

    3 1.73%
  • Battle Mage

    6 3.47%
  • Wild Hunter

    2 1.16%
  • Mechanic

    0 0%
  • Jett

    0 0%
  • Kaiser

    10 5.78%
  • Angelic Buster

    10 5.78%
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  1. Default The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Since it's insanely easy to level now and most players on Southperry tend to have numerous high leveled characters and even several Level 200s..
    And there's ALOT of classes out there.
    It's safe to say you all have played many classes through and through and have thought about which is your favorite class. Not the best class, mind you. The most FUN

    What's the class you had the most fun with playing and still have fun with now?
    Vote! And discuss.

    And for those who need clarification:

  2. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: StacknStick
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Exist
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: ButcherDen

    Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Battle Mages are highest on my "fun" scale. I love that I can non-stop attack and move at the same time, be one of the most helpful classes during a boss fight, exclusivity, never need pots, no relying on stupid MG and whack stuff with a staff.

  3. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    I guarantee this thread is all going to be pretty biased.

    I found Luminous to be pretty fun when I was making them for the Link Skill and Character Cards.
    I enjoy my F/P out of all the classes I've played though mainly because it's not a class that relies on spamming one skill for damage; instead, I have several skills at my disposal, all of which increase my DPS.

  4. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
    IGN: Triggernometry
    Server: Supports
    Job: TeamSecret
    Guild: BigDaddy<3

    Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    ITT: Why do you like your main the most?

    Aran. Combo System. 'nuff said.

  5. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    I liked Mechanic before Drill got nerfed

  6. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Gotta said bucc, sair or f/p

  7. Water
    IGN: DrkLilith
    Server: GAZED
    Level: 210
    Job: DarkCryokinesis
    Guild: TheAura
    Alliance: Aura
    Farm: FIareon (dead)

    Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    As of right now: Drk, Merc, Aran. Drk and Arans because I like warriors that attack multiple enemies (and to add, drks for the visual animations. :3 ). Merc because of their Iframe and mobility. Now, I could of chosen other classes such as Jett, hero, bucc, or the more recent classes: Kaiser and Lumi but I feel that those three I chose are my top 3 out of 17 I've played so far. Might as well to try the other classes at some other point this year....

  8. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Cannoneer isn't in the poll.

    But cannoneers are a grand ol time.

  9. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
    IGN: ͜ʖ
    Server: DEGZA
    Level: T_T
    Job: This is FParta!
    Guild: I like toast
    Alliance: @__________________@
    north korea

    Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Gonna say F/P. It's the only 4th job character I've ever made though, so it's obviously biased to say. Anyway, I love the uniqueness of the poison element and DoT.

  10. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    I absolutely love Bowmasters! They're a super fun class if you're just a casual player and their puppet makes it so much more fun to me

  11. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion


    I like how well rounded they are without being blatantly overpowered. Good mobility, high status resistance, decent Stance, plus solid single target and mobbing damage.

    Luminous and Mercedes were the only other classes that I enjoyed just as much as my Corsair. I haven't played Angelic Buster or any of the new KMS classes yet though.

  12. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

    Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Kinda hard to choose between Battle Mage and Luminous. I chose Battle Mage though, because it was the first class I really had fun with.

  13. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    My highest is a Demon Slayer, which I always found fun, but has started to become dull. Currently, I'm enjoying my Lumi more, even if its only an 80, give or take.

  14. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    The first ever dual blade before way before any nerfs or skill changes.

    I really liked the way that at 4th job you needed multiple skills to keep dps up and the whole risk with going into DS to use the chain skill on bosses.

    Wild Hunter comes 2nd for me, I liked the way you could buff while moving and the old skills like flashbang.

    I would say NL but I only liked it before big bang =( R.I.P. drain and avenger.

  15. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    I would rank my top 3 fun classes as Lumi, then BaM, then phantom.

  16. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Pre-revamp buccs were pineappleing awesome.

  17. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    @ "Cannon Master"

  18. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    I play cannoneers. :/

  19. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion

    Phantoms. I'd argue that just having your own ship to travel with and laughing at all of the poor people riding on uncomfortable planes seals the deal but why not add in a few more things like:

    1) Speed! Shroud Walk is awesome for moving long distances and as an added bonus you can even use potions and drop items while using it.
    2) Flashy moves! I enjoy the fact that Phantom's moves come in either the orange or blue variety for the most part as it fits with his personality. That you move while you spam Penombre is also a huge bonus.
    3) Stealing skills! In a guild with many active Adventurers I could serve as practically anything (The guild is to ensure I don't spend hours looking for what they need). I think my favourite application of this was when I went on a CZak run, rushed back to the town to steal Dispel and came back to provide support while attacking. That's something I could never do on another class except for a Bishop.

    I don't know, I'd have to honestly say I like the design and skill animations a lot, and a good storyline helps.

  20. Default Re: The "Most Fun" Class Discussion


    Nothing compares. Nothing even comes close.



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