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    I read from leafre said that post unlimited dojo mob and boss has 10-20x more HP

    even dojo is becoming more like real bosses lol .... no more one hit ko now

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    In general I'm for it. Dojo should be more about fighting the bosses and less about shaving seconds from the portal and spawn times.

    However, this makes it even more unfair to those classes that lack self-healing skills.

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    I'd be in support of it too if the room timer wasn't so restrictive. I have no idea if that changes, but currently in GMS some of my characters can't make it through due to that. But combined with your statement regarding self-healers, I suppose it could be used to restrict people from sitting in rooms and waiting for full health. Or it could be used to prevent >30 minute times (or whatever the limit is) from appearing on the board, not that it matters. I don't see a problem with either situation, at least not big enough to restrict those who want to try for the gloves to get them.

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    Default Re: Post unlimited Dojo

    On-topic: This is generally a welcome change, but like @SaptaZapta said, it'll make it quite unfair for some classes.

    Off-topic: Not to offend or anything but it's funny how this thread is in the Q&A section with the topic starter's name being "Question" yet there are no questions in the thread at all, just a topic for discussion. :}

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    Agh, dammit. Then I won't be even able to clear it thanks to the timer. Just perfect. I hope hyper skills are a HUGE DPS improvement for Night Lords, or else...

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    I think they should change the way you advance to the next boss (and other details), the way it works now it's unfair to people who fail to go to portals ASAP due to class with low mobility or lag. My idea for this would be after you killed a boss, you will be automatically send to te next room after about 5 second, emblems will be added to your inventory the moment you killed the specific 'mid-bosses' instead looting them. Resting spots will stay the same as before, having you talk to So Gong to advance/exit/receive buff. And finally your time should be recorded the moment you defeat Mu Gong instead of after you exit.



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