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Thread: Expired NX?

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    Has anyone ever had this happen to them yet? My sister had bought a 10k NX card so long ago and she gave me the info recently to use it and I seen it was gone and was like wtp, checked the transaction log and said it was expired...I made a ticket but no luck yet, probably never getting back I assume?

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    Nx lasts only a year.

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    Here is another thread with basically the same concept. But to answer your question, unless Nexon decides to ignore their rules there is no chance at getting the NX back. They have it somewhere in their guidelines about NX that it expires and that there is no chance to have it returned.

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    I have used cards that were purchased over a year before.
    It's only NX in your account that supposedly expired if not used or added to.

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    /slitwrist Kinda stupid how the Marvel codes last for like so long compared to NX. =/



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