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  • Lizalfos

    3 13.04%
  • Charmeleon

    13 56.52%
  • Fennekin

    3 13.04%
  • Something else

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Thread: Kaiser names!

  1. Default Kaiser names!

    Kaiser will be available on JMS in 40 minutes and I have these names saved. Which one should I name it? :P

  2. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    ITP: Kaiser, I choose you!

    I like Fennekin the most but am I jealous that you even have Charmeleon as a choice.

  3. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Charmeleon would be my 1st choice.
    I have no clue what the others are to be honest.

  4. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Lizalfos is a lizard-type enemy in The Legend of Zelda and Fennekin is the newly announced fire starter Pokemon for Pokemon X & Y.

  5. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    D'oh, now I know why I thought that name was suspiciously familiar! It seems thematically fitting but I don't know about naming a majestic class after an LoZ enemy so Fennekin it stays for my vote.

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    Default Re: Kaiser names!

    I'm a bigger Zelda fan than I am of Pokemon, so go with Lizalfos!

  7. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Thanks for voting, everyone. :P

    I went with Charmeleon, because I think I have too many Zelda games already (and still more to come xd), and Charmeleon is an O.G badass.

  8. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    No to pokemon. Zelda is better, but something more creative is better still.

  9. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    That reminds me of how I got my GMS' Kaiser's name. I mashed it up wrongly but it (Aletice) was supposed to be a combination of Alicia and Leticia who were known as twin Dragonmasters from the name implies, they control dragons, do cool spells but mostly rely on their sword-fighting skills though they use one-handed swords and I kind of suspect that not all of them use swords.

    The name I reserved for my MSEA Kaiser if I'm still playing then is much simpler. 'Direa' is well versed in the legends of the Dragon Gods in Chrono Cross and as a bonus she even gives you the Dragon Emblem!

  10. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Yesssss... But... she is an old... hag...

    That's like naming Angelic Buster SuperGranny or something.

  11. Default Re: Kaiser names!


    chrono cross and chrono trigger are like, my top two favorite games of all time

  12. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Spoiler: I wanted to go for Steena but that was taken. My first choice would have been Aithusa (A baby dragon from Merlin) but I tried that as an alternate name for Evan and it was already taken, plus naming conventions demand that all of my IGNs must end with 'a' and be somewhat related to the class in question.

    @MuscleWizard;: And never shall I forgive Squaresoft for not at least attempting to make a continuation to the series! Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger are games I love and have replayed a lot but...I'll concede they don't lend that much in terms of awesome IGNs and I'm miffed that someone took Lunairetic at GMS.

  13. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    @Curtiss;: Well, here's the thing. Poshul ruined it for everyone.

  14. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    But...fluffball. ;_; I like fluffballs! *Cough* Anyway, IGN-wise I wish I could offer something more original for Kaiser since Kaiser is surprisingly one of the classes I think I'd stick with besides Phantom but that probably entails more name-mashing from various RPGs to come up with something that sounds decent. >_>

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    Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Why Charmeleon, Charizard is the b-*BOOM!*

    Wouldn't Volvagia be good name?

  16. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Charizard was taken. It was my first choice over any of Charmander's forms. Volvagia and Barba are too glorious for Kaiser - a character I don't plan to stick with past 120, anyway.

  17. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Lizalfos it is!

    Save Charmeleon.

  18. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Yeah I agree, you should have saved Charmeleon for later because it's a rarer name and would be better suited to a character that you're going to be playing often.

    Out of the other two I would've chosen Fennekin because I'm more of a Pokemon fan and I think it'd look a little better than Lizalfos in game.

  19. Default Re: Kaiser names!

    Better than my names. Almost all of my characters' names are, being female, literally, "Queen of [something]." My Kaiser is 炎の女王, Queen of Fire. My Evan is 龍の女王, Queen of [the] Dragon. My Paladin is 正義の女王, Queen of Justice.

    At least his are not terrible. But then again, at least mine are consistent.



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