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    Default Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

    Big announcement worldwide tomorrow, apparently about "further evolving the pokemon world"

    Makes of this what you will, i'm rather excited. I really hope it's a new game, preferably a main series game/sequel to 3rd Generation.

    I was also thinking earlier, that if they did do a remake it's still possible they could give older pokemon new forms. Imagine if they made a combined version of Kyogre/Groudon or something. It would be nice if older generations got a bit more love.

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  2. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Pokemon MMO on the Wii U & 3DS, please. PLEASE. That would pull me right back into the series instantly.

    Everyone's hopes for an MMO are too high, though. They'll never deliver one. sadface.jpg

    I'll probably be just an announcement for a new game for the 3DS - either a remake of previous entries or something.

  3. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

  4. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Still waiting on that gigantic Pokemon game that involves plot around all five regions.

    Or, you know, RSE remake. I'm honestly down for that too.

  5. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Hoping for a game that revolves around the 3DS, and utilizes the 3D function a lot. Would explain the "further evolving the pokemon world" from 2D to 3D in the standard games.


  6. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Pokemon MMO is perhaps the only thing that would even make me buy a Wii U..

    Calling a new generation of pokemon.

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    Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    If it hasn't happen yet, a part of me wish it does. o3o

  8. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Whatever it is...

    /* My body is ready. */

  9. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    inb4 it's something completely disappointing

  10. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    What would you want out of a Pokemon MMO, though? Besides the lack of a market for such a thing in Japan, Pokemon just doesn't lend itself to MMO gameplay at all; being a turn-based 1v1/2v2 strategy/RPG with little room for expansion other than a handful of events to get rare Pokemon. Trading and battling (and possibly the Battle Tower-type activities, but the horrendous and unadapting AI turns that into a game of odds more than anything else) are the main attractions that work well online, and they've existed since Gen 4 and can be further improved upon.

    Playing Pokemon with friends and sharing experiences is fun, so I understand the desire to see opportunities for more interaction, but MMO just doesn't make sense for Pokemon. I'd much rather see co-op storylines to play through and other forms of small scale multiplayer interaction that would allow you to jump into friends' games. Those have also existed in primitive forms in previous games, they weren't fleshed out enough to be interesting.

  11. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    A Lot of people are hoping it is a remake of RSE (3D maybe?). MY friend really wants a new Colosseum style game. Ill wait a day to find out what it is.

  12. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    I hope it's a RSE remake. They should add in attack animations this time too. I wanna see my blaziken actually kick someone in the face.

  13. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Am I the only one praying it isn't in 3D? 3DS' screw with my eyes lol.

  14. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Would be terrible. Johto was much smaller than all the other regions, and all we got for it was a watered down kanto. 1 new region is far better than 5 pomegranatety ones.

    Also, 2 games in Unova is enough. I didn't like B/W2 nearly as much because so much of it was a rehash. I simply don't want a game that only goes to places I've already spent hundreds of hours in.

    As for the pokemon saying a MMO? Ican't help but think that Pokemon would make a terrible MMO game. As an aside, there are rom hacks of Fire REd/Leaf green that allowed for MMO type interactions, it really didn't work well.

    My hopes?
    Pokemon generation 6. Not too enthralled about the idea of a pokemon R/S/E remake (since I have all the pokemon bar melotta, I want new ones to catch!), but it might happen. Whatever it is, If it's on the 3ds, it'll be full 3d models, using the ones from the new pokedex 3d app. I'd also be down with a new Pokemon Colosseum/XD game.

    And, if I'm being out there.
    Pokemon snap 2. Using the Wii U gamepad (or less preferably, the 3DS cameras). Make it happen.

    ...I hope you don't mean the completely optional 3D on the 3DS which you can turn off. (I haven't actually turned it on in months). Regardless. Whenever a main pokemon game gets around to the 3DS it's pretty much guaranteed to be full 3D. They made a whole set of models for all 649 pokemon on the 3ds. They didn't do it for pomegranates 'n' giggles.

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    Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    3DS game, MMO, WiiU program, RSE remake, or Grey Version.

  16. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    I'm betting it's a spin-off.

  17. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Grey version makes sense, the tablets/words/whatever in the sea kind of implies a continuation of the story in B/W / B2/W2.

  18. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    This was posted by the Pokemon Twitter today.

    Gen 6 anyone? There seems to be a lot of hype revolving around Eevee, and then there is that guy in the League with the unevolved eevee.

  19. Default Re: Pokémon January 8th announcement

    Yes. You do realize you can turn the 3D slider down to turn it off, right?

    Hopefully this will be something good, possibly for the 3DS and also; attacking animations would be badass and a new region would be nice or a remake of R/S.

    They need to step up to the 3DS rather than hang with the old regular DS titles; some people might just buy a 3DS because they would have actual Pokemon games on it. After all, they made some other Pokemon games for the 3DS already, why not a real one?



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