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  1. Cash0 Emp overall or top+bottom

    I can't decide between emp overall or top+bottom combo for my kaiser. Once empress shoulder comes out, you can get 5 set empress effects with emp sword, gloves, hat, emp overall, and shoulder. 5 set effects give: all skills+2 levels, all stats +20, and weapon att +15. I'm not getting the full empress set bcuz of nova capes and shoes. Am I better off with emp 5 sets combo or neos top + bottom?

  2. Default Re: Emp overall or top+bottom

    What about shoes?

    5 emp: Shoulder sword gloves shoes helmet

    Neos top and bottom

    Nova/tyrant cape

  3. Default Re: Emp overall or top+bottom

    What will the 7-set effect be? Not that I'll ever get it, just curious. 5-set + nova cape is as far as I'm shooting for.

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    +15% HP
    +15% MP
    +10 Attack / Magic Attack

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    [5 set empress(gloves, helmet, shoulder, weapon, overall) + nova capes, shoes, belts] OR [top+bottom +4 sets empress(gloves, helmet, shoulder, weapon)]
    Which one is better?

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    What I've always wondered is why don't people just use Dojo gloves?

    I've always reasoned out ignoring gloves altogether (but dojoing once weekly) and because I couldn't get full emp set effect anyways, stick with the top/bottom for more potential and a VIP for tradeability (guess this only applies to some cases). Classes besides thieves also don't have to worry about getting the expensive (even clean) cape, and now can just cop out both cape and shoe for Tyrant/Nova.

    Only empress items I really consider having are helm/weapon/shoulder.

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    Top/bottom. 5th set effect is all stats +20 2 skill lvls, top + bottom will give you more att than overall and more stats (unless you were really lucky on chaosing) and you get more % stats of whatever you need for your job.

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    I've never understood why the 7-Piece Empress Set Effect is so bad. It makes the decision very easy for me to drop the overall and replace it with my almost 40ATT Homecoming Top/Bottom Combo. But then things get tricky, should I replace the cape or shoes with Nova items? I won't touch the purge-bait Tyrant items. Nova items drop regularly right? Would a Nova replacement equal the 30% Boss I'd lose? I have three capes, so availability isn't a limitation there. Then See brings up a better question, if I will only be able to get 11-50 Dojo Gloves, would it make up against 33ATT SE and eventually SI Gloves?

    I think someone had a calculator that allowed comparison between items, but there are more variables here than I think that thing could handle. New calculator with Potential and Set Effect options please.

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    So you could drop one of the original 6 and maintain the 6-piece set effect with the shoulder.

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    I don't think the 11-50 Dojo gloves would be better than well scrolled and cubed empress gloves on anything except bosses, but the boss damage from the empress set should balance out the boss damage on the dojo gloves; unless of course you went for the entire empress set except the gloves. The 11-50 gloves are only slightly more beneficial to my range than my 22 attack, 6% strength empress gloves, so I think if you had a particularly good pair of empress gloves that it'd only be beaten by rank 1 gloves.

    I imagine the best thing to do if you already have a good empress set would be to ditch the overall for a top/bottom combo if you have one or replace the cape with a nova cape if you don't, just because I assume it'd be cheaper to scroll a decent empress shoe than a decent empress cape.



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