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Thread: My TV

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    who the hell could stand playing like that LOL that's awful.

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    That's not a TV, it's a radio with a light.

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    Whoa. Whoa. Wo. Slow down. Are we looking at a prototype for the XBox Portable? I have excite.

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    Rep 3rd world! I played my ps2 with a similar TV for a long time.

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    It's actually really good.

    Multiple functionality!

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    what are those knobs on it and why are there 2? Ive never seen these in MURICA.

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    One is for the volume. The other is tuning, it's used for channel surfing and switching radio stations. On the side, it has a switch that selects the frequency type between VL, VH, UHF for TV and AM, FM for radio.

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    I do have to say, it's a huge difference between PS2 and Xbox 360, if only because of the HD optimization crap. SD TV players typically suffer eye-strain from Hell trying to read some of the text on games. I remember bringing my PS3 to a friend's house who had an old big screen TV for playing Infamous there. It didn't support HD. I couldn't make out anything on the Minimap, and often I was wandering around aimlessly looking for what I'm supposed to find because text and whatnot was nearly incomprehensible.

    I honestly don't know how you do it Loose.

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    Yup, but I'll be going back to Mexico next week.

    It's not that bad, really. I mostly play fighting games, I've had no problem hit-confirming, blocking mix-ups, doing combos, etc. Only problem I have is with the color, can't tell what Dormammu has on his hands, so I have to pay extra attention to his voice when playing against him.

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    That some UMvC3? I think I can almost make out some training mode numbers.

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    Pretty sure most 3rd world people don't even have tvs, let alone an xbox....

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    Beat me to it. :o

    Idk if I could play that game with all those flashy moves and have a small screen. I'd get confused with someone doing mixups. You're probably used to it by now though. :|

    Edit: Reminds me of that one picture of a guy bringing his 360 to a Starbucks and playing games.

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    It sure is.
    I guess you could say that, though I get to play on the big TV when my family isn't using it.

    Always looking for a challenge. If anyone wants to rumble on UMvC3, just PM me.

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    Imma guessin Hsien-Ko and Wolvie.

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    man, that's some hardcore training, my old tv was about the size of a laptop screen at least...

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    Of course! She's the best character in the game.

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    I've only seen one person use Hsien-Ko really well in a tournament...other than that, she's underrated. :P

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    I'm always looking for people to fight with on Xbox.



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