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  1. Default Summarized %/s List

    Using Hypers, 0% Defense, Fastest (2), Adjusted Mastery, no outside bonuses.
     %/s100% Boss200% Bosshits/sm/sClass
    120592319564336942.3942.84Kaiser Transfigured Command [GMS]
    219903295903918520.19954.68Angelic Buster (Soul Seeker) [KMS]
    317001260323506116.54793.68Battle Mage
    415114236533198723.41108.52Wind Archer (Sky Song)
    515037250043498444.992232.93Kaiser Untransfigured [KMS]
    614947255193599022.831180.87Wild Hunter
    813461199032627615.38441.14Fire-Poison Archmage (Mist Eruption)
    912956202292748215.34805.25Demon Avenger
    101283919045252333.83170.31Angelic Buster (Trinity) [KMS]
    131171616039203589.23366.9Shadower (Assassinate Only)
    1411711183622459513.23136.99Angelic Buster (Soul Seeker) [GMS]
    1511082164942190216.78745.91Shadower (Edge Carnival + Assassinate)
    161080816696225773.83160.37Angelic Buster (Trinity) [GMS]
    1710789192632775024.48967.68Blade Master (No CD Final Cut)
    1810573167522293129.441075.37Thunder Breaker (Ascend + Thunder)
    1910538150441955111.28656.0Demon Slayer
    2010314163252233721.32777.26Thunder Breaker (Thunderclap)
    2110067144991903022.06978.39Xenon (Blade Dancing)
    249596150692055726.091364.54Cannon Shooter
    269338165162371524.75979.54Blade Master
    279320140051867612.6546.26Ice-Lightning Archmage
    289308132581719217.92567.47Fire-Poison Archmage (No Mist Eruption)
    299230142441925819.21199.83Dawn Warrior
    308997137851857421.35778.1Thunder Breaker (No Typhoon Spam)
    318746124871621114.56545.05Xenon (Fuzzy Masquerade - Sniper)
    377438124981755614.51761.64Luminous [KMS]
    397225118111638118.94779.1Night Lord
    407133100521296320.8818.86Kanna (Shisen Gyouha)
    416658110561550414.68807.44Phantom (Ultimate Drive)
    426416110641557913.42737.93Phantom (Rapid Fire)
    43619391521207818.8616.86Kanna (Haja Rengekifu)
    446051102071429822.051098.28Bow Master
    46550410066146159.62504.76Dark Knight
    47477089231301513.7514.32Luminous [GMS]

    There is one concern I would like to point out; ATK% are currently accounted for in the %/s since they linearly affect damage, unlike other stats. There is, however, a flat cap of 2m~2m on a damage range, so at that point, ATK% would not make you any stronger unlike Total Damage% or Boss Damage%. The classes affected by this are Battle Mages and Wild Hunters.

    Summons are currently accounted for using the max range. More research into which summons can break cap, and are affected by total damage/boss damage will need to be done to correct this.

    Since I'm so brilliant and deleted the thread accidentally and remade it by hand, please let me know if there's any errors compared to the original threads, since I retyped each number instead of copy-pasting as that was significantly faster.

    Change Log
    • Accidentally deleted entire thread with no backup [18/01/13]
    • Updated GMS Kaiser to include Majesty of Kaiser resetting Final Trance [19/01/13]
    • Updated Cannon Shooter's Buckshot to be 40% damage, not -40% (60%) damage. [04/02/13]
    • Added Thunder Breaker [04/02/13]
    • Added Wind Archer [28/02/13]
    • Fixed Thunder Breaker's Ascend Thunder combo
    • Updated Mercedes & Phantom to most recent KMS version [24/03/13]
    • Fixed Shadower's Venom damage and Wind Archer's Spiral Vortex[27/03/13]
    • Removed Wind Archer Spiral Vortex as it is redundant [02/04/13]
    • Updated Kaiser, Angelic Buster, and Luminous for GMS [05/04/13]
    • Updated Hayato with max defense and fixed the DoT [05/04/13]
    • Added Dawn Warrior [29/04/13]
    • Updated Blade Masters Final Cut to be multiplicative [29/04/13]
    • Updated the majority of the table for the values in my most recent tables. Let me know if you think anything is off and I will investigate. [23/05/13]
    • Updated Aran and Battle Mage; the last table seemed to use an SE value for Arans [17/06/13]
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    Alas for Phantom. ;_; Then again my former main (Bowmaster) hardly fared better.

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    The Xenon numbers you posted in the Thief thread has over 17k %/s with hypers. It looks like the number here doesn't include Hyper skills.

  4. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    My bad. Thank you for noticing.

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    Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    Thanks a lot!

    I'm surprised by Cannon Shooter, didn't expected them to be good if extremely funded(If I'm getting it right?).

    Overswing is needed to use Beyonder in GMS.
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  6. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    As a point of clarification, these numbers are fully-self-buffed with all %damage buffs included but NOT including +WATK/MATK buffs, correct? For classes like Angelic Buster and Xenon, since they have very high %damage modifiers, their numbers are a little misleading because they aren't as affected by %boss as other classes, and classes like DB are under-represented because of their high +WATK modifiers (Katara, Thorns, Channel Karma, but DOES include Final Cut as it is a % bonus).

    I understand the way you calculate these %s, you are supposed to put in your range and multiply by the % to get more or less your real DPS. I'm not entirely sure how you include buffs that increase range because they're %-based.

    Pretty interesting how all five classes are actually represented by at least one job at the top. Figures that warriors are overrepresented, but oh well.

    I love how the bottom 4 (5 if you eliminate Phantom Rf completely, since it's pretty much useless) consists of three hero classes. Heroes indeed.

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    Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    I can confirm it is necessary to use OS as of GMS Ver 125.1.

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    Overswing + Final Blow is the only way to activate Beyonder.

  9. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    I believe that is indeed correct, and most unfortunately it cannot be changed easily. It might take half an hour or so per class to construct a linear correlation using all the +WA/MA buffs internal to a class, but I believe Joe's not doing so because each class's weapon has different WA ranges (e.g. claw vs sword for the same level), and WA/MA is extremely easily swayed. For the same reason, I cannot use Joe's tables when I'm doing my own DPS calculations for my Phantom and permutating the various skills for Impeccable Memory (FTR, Dark Harmony's 40WA > Vipercision's 15%WA for me). I don't doubt Joe's calculations for across-the-board calculations, but when I do my own numbers I don't assume anything at all (esp. crit proc rates for different skills as a binomial distribution - does make life hell for me when I'm doing single-hit vs multi-hit skills on my Phantom; don't know if Joe's taking that into account). This further explains why Joe doesn't take into account +WA/MA - choices are changed at different breakpoints.

    Did I say anything terribly wrong here, @JoeTang;?


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    >paladin stronger than phantom

    excuse me while i die laughing on the floor

  11. Default Summarized %/s List

    You should at least make cannoneers at fast 3/4 instead of faster 2.

    Also i have a selfish request if you're up for it. How significantly does ignoring cooldowns 20% of the time affect %/s? (Cannoneers specifically but it might be cool for other classes since it's easily the best inner ability if it works)

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    Practically nothing.

  13. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    It'd be nice if it was easier to estimate the ranges, since percents only tell half the story - my Hero's range is ~40k with the exact same gear as my Kaiser, who has ~54k (66k transfigured), 25 levels lower. Likewise, my Aran's range is near double my Dark Knight's, at the same level with the same gear.

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    Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    aran range displays snow charge though, which i think is also in JT's calculations, so it would be more like range/snowcharge for the actual thing.

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    The next step for such calculations, which takes a lot of effort, is to do linear correlations for all classes for all variables: (all)stat, WA/MA, %ignorePDR, %bossdamage, %dmg, %stat/all, attackspeed. The idea would be to provide an initial intercept based on all the internal buffs a class would possess, taking into account both passive and active skills (also factoring in some casting delay). The crucial bit would then be the gradient for each variable /edit: because that shows the true potential of a class. Naturally one can turn this into a multi-dimensional plot i.e. a real damage calculator/optimiser if you're given several constraints (+30%ignorePDR or +6%stat, which might be potentially better?). Only then can one truely say which class is superior 1v1, because you can start to put in conditions: how funded? amount of %var based on no. of eq pottable? Solo buffs with potions? Full party with all buffs and potions etc.?

    Standard assumptions would of course be level 200, normalised WA, no potential. Linear correlation => changing one variable at a time obviously but it doesn't take a genius to realise that some variables are multiplicative while some are additive. But even then, I think it's so much effort it's almost unreasonable for Joe to do this.

    What say you, @JoeTang;? What would be the next practical fair comparision of classes 1v1?

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    I don't have any particular interest in building an in-depth damage calculator. It has been tried in the past to standardize gear, and the basis of which I never found to be meaningful nor fair. It fundamentally comes down to that no two characters will in any likelihood ever have the same range other than 2m~2m. All gear except for the weapon can basically spawn with identical stats across all classes. Weapons possess a difference in weapon attack, but the sum weapon attack as it gets higher results in a smaller difference. Thus, the largest differences between classes are what inherent stat bonuses, and weapon attack bonuses they may possess. To draw parallels across all 32 classes, which may or may not have differing base weapon attacks, and differing additional stats and weapon attack, amongst other bonuses is beyond the scope of what my tables present. With the introduction of Demon Avenger and Xenon, the difference in ranges is even greater; Xenon gains 3 times as much of a bonus from gear as any other class does. Demon Avenger gains bonuses from a stat that no other class does.

    Presently, the largest scale application towards difference in funding I could apply, which I also believe to be the most meaningful, is a difference in Total/Boss damage.

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    Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    But does it displays +20% Boss Dmg afrom Cleaving Blows and +5% from regained memory?
    @JoeTang; ?

  18. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    I knew that Insoya/Leafre table was horribly off. The creator honestly thought Buccs were rank 3.. really? Thanks for doing these tables @JoeTang; :)

  19. Default Re: Summarized %/s List

    Batman maybe a awesome, handsome, rich badass, but he only has a few strong moves at the same time unlike other super heroes who have a lot of strong moves at the same time.



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