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  1. Default Console or Emulation?

    I've been having some urges to play old games (snes, genesis, n64, dc, etc)

    I was wondering what you believe I should do SP, emulate or buy a console? I've been emulating for years, but not having the correct controllers, and not using a TV really changes the way the game feels. I have my TV hooked up as a secondary monitor now, so its not a big deal on that front, but dem controllers.

    Wat do SP?

  2. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    Hm, you could buy a controller for your PC? Unless of course it has to be oldschool controllers.
    I know how you feel though, lots of older games i want to play again but can't be bothered to play on emulators.

  3. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I'd want to get one of those USB SNES controllers, or an adapter with drivers.

  4. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    If they exist, i'd say go for it!


  5. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I'd go with controllers. Even when I still had my consoles it's convenient to have just a desktop turned on and play the game but that's my opinion on the subject.

  6. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    This little fellow is pretty cool.

  7. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    If you have the ability to get one on a console (as you can, obviously), you should do that. I would. But personally, my issue might just be strange.

    I can't play games on emulators. They just don't hold my attention. Metroid II? I couldn't stick to it for 5 minutes on an emulator. I bought it on my 3DS and I didn't put it down until I beat it. The Legend of Zelda : Link's Awakening DX? I tried playing that on emulators dozens of times. I can't stick to it far enough to get past the 1st dungeon. On my 3DS, I couldn't put it down. I still can't play through the Oracle games, because I don't have a legal copy of them. I've been waiting for them to hit the eShop for quite a while now. I'm hoping they get added so my attention doesn't get averted within 5 minutes of trying to play it on an emulator like the last 10000 times I've tried... This is also the case with Super Metroid. I can play through Super Metroid in its entirety on my Wii/Wii U via Virtual Console, but when I play it on emulators, I can't play for more than an hour at a time.

    The strangest part is, I use my Wiimote on PC games. It still doesn't feel the same.

    There's also that urge to hit the speed-up button to make walking/dialogs/cinematics go faster. That detracts from the experience as well, I think.

  8. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I don't seem to have the same problem seeing that I could play Link's Awakening on the Gameboy and the emulator for hours. Then again I can play just about anything for hours...

  9. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I have Oracle of Ages if you want to borrow it o.o

    Another option might be this.

    (Lol ShaqFu)

  10. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    Thanks, but the experience wouldn't be complete without Seasons. D: (Especially since it's the first in the timeline)

  11. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I use whatever gets me playing faster/is cheaper. Emulation for me is mainly used for when it'd be a serious money drain or it would take forever for what I ordered to get here. Unless my laptop can't handle it. In that case, I curse my lack of computer-building-money.

    I'd try and emulate whatever your computer can handle, and buy whatever it can't. As for controllers, I just use this for everything. Plays nice, feels great, and most cases of it not being picked up by the computer can be solved by a controller mimicking program. Only downside is that if you already use that Logitech unifying deal, it don't hook up with that.

  12. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I was just a kid, and I could only get 1. I went with the blue one. I personally have never played Seasons either, but estarland has it for about $22

    My desktop can handle anything you can throw at it. Usually at ultra graphics. The only thing I might want would be a kepler card or two for it @_@

  13. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    And eBay has three games for $15.

    xd But I'm trying to save up money for more Wii U/3DS stuff at the moment.

  14. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I am VERY wary of ebay. I've had bad experiences with purchasing video game paraphernalia through there.

  15. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    Yeah. I've heard a lot of horror stories with eBay purchases. Stuff like GBC games, I'm very nervous about purchasing over the internet if not from well known sources.

    Alternatively, you can have both games from Amazon for $600.

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    In that case, I'd recommend you emulate everything. I've got the same 'TV as 2nd monitor' deal going, and that takes up a nice chunk of space. Well, it does for me. If you can, buy all the games you emulate from the source if that is at all possible.

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    As an emulation-hoe I say Emulate everything, buy only what you really really like and enjoy.

    Also, I own both Oracle of Ages and Seasons. ^.^

  18. Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    ._. someone send me a cheap super famicom from Japan. Ok? ok.

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    Default Re: Console or Emulation?

    I have an amazing deal with my PSP. You can emulate everything from GBA backwards in time. Some N64 games don't run but everything else runs smoothly. For every platform.

    You can have portable emulation, a controller with TV out (the fat PSP 1000 is the only one without it), and PSP games obviously :3

    I know I'm a huge PSP and emulation whore, but arguably is an awesome deal.

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    From what I hear most video game related stuff (the older stuff) is cheaper than it is here in America.



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