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  1. Default Soloing v2 Instructors with different classes?

    This is purely out of personal curiosity.

    As a DB, Mihile's DR is hardly a threat thanks to rushing and Mirrored Target (separate Mihile > plant a mirrored target > kill other 4 instructors > PB Mihile to death). But not every class has a rush skill and certainly not every class has a puppet-like skill a la Marksman/Bowmaster so...what do? My only guess is to trigger Mihile's first DR then use a mob attack on all 5 between each DR.

    How do you guys fare potion-wise too? Is dying from the mobs a big threat? I tend to chug through more All-Cures than actual potions because of the avoid.

    Thanks in advance for stifling my curiosity.

  2. Default Re: Soloing v2 Instructors with different classes?

    As a Mercedes with ~300k range only taking on Mihile, I find that even with 33k hp, I sometimes have to do a little dodging to survive (I don't have the hax avoid of a thief); some of his attacks do 10k <___<

    DR isn't a problem. Just have to learn when he casts it (75%) and the CD (70s)

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    I push mihile out of the way with gust charm and separate him away again as needed because he'll eventually walk over to him because no puppet or anything, if I make a mistake I have well over the amount of HP required to take a hit from mihile, as for potions I usually save the potion cooldown for all cures only, and use vampire to heal (and regular potions if I ever run out of MP/get caught in tornado/get messed up by potential lock, etc)

    I also always put all of my DoTs on the mobbed instructors in case I get webbed or stunned or anything I can't get out of so damage will continuously be done

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    Default Re: Soloing v2 Instructors with different classes?

    On my Kaiser i have 37k HP and i still have to be careful with my hp. I just spam my command Blade Burst and pray that the sealing mid animation DC doesn't happen to me. If i don't use commands to recover HP i find myself running away to try and pot and not die pretty often. A "protip" for a kaiser is that if you throw a wingbeat at an enemy and then run to the other side of the map and spam command Gigas Wave you'll still recover HP from using the command because wingbeat is damaging enemies.

    When i full empress with friends its a lot easier as i just get a friend to rush Oz to the other side of the map and spam Blade Burst Command freely

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    I can tank a ton of damage because of Magic Guard so taking damage usually isn't a problem as long as I don't get stuck in a spam of Tornados. The only way I die is from not having enough HP after being hit by a bomb (usually I'm left with 2-3k Hp if I pot up to full HP before it explodes). This could easily be prevented if I wanted to use HP Boost Potions but I'm too lazy to craft them and I rarely see them in the FM.

    I always keep the instructors together and just run back and forth. The only hard part is getting Mihile to DR the first time (which isn't even hard if I'm paying attention to his HP bar), and once that's done then the rest is cakewalk.

    A tip for All Cures though: the All Cures that you can buy from the Ninjas (I don't know his exact name) in CWK sell the CPQ All Cures, meaning you can drop them 1 by 1 and pick 1 up whenever you get Sealed, and it will dispel the Seal.

    Should also mention that I have a +2 Second Invincibility Nebulite on my Top, so that helps a ton.

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    Like most others said, its about timing that DR. Getting there is actually half the battle sorta, because you need to wait for the right moment then attack him.

    For jobs with bind (Lum, Ds) its easy to do that since after 1 bind you'd usually be well over the limit for him to use DR if you know the approximate hp unless you lack serious damage. If you don't notice DR appearing afterwards you didn't dish out enough damage to him or ignored him too much. Once DR appears like the above post said, the reset is easy.

    For jobs with crash, its semi easy, but you can get the same thing going on, its much easier to constantly attack. Only issue is not getting sealed. Unless you really aren't doing enough damage at all to him, then you're in trouble.

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    Ah. So my guess wasn't totally off.

    Thanks, guys. Curiosity's gone!



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