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    Default Make the game less irritating

    Just as the title says, this thread is just going to be a list of tweaks I think would make several aspects of the game less annoying. There are a lot of small flaws that I had originally overlooked in my early years of playing, but they've gotten much more frustrating as time has gone on. So let the nitpicking begin!

    Make scrolls always succeed, but with different returns based on the scroll's success rate.
    - What I mean by this is, have 100% scrolls work as always, but make 60% scrolls give the full effect 60% of the time, but failures yield the effects of 100% scrolls, and 10% scrolls yield the full effect with the effect of 60% scrolls on failure, etc.
    - For potential scrolls, just make them give 2 line potential upon failure and three lines upon success. The scrolls are rare as hell for non-botters and people who don't use NX to buy a merchant, so why make them blow up items?
    - For enhancement scrolls, just make a failed enhancement undo the last enhancement used on the item. If the item doesn't have any enhancements yet, then just make it fail and do nothing!
    - For dark scrolls, just make them yield the full effects more often and leave it at that.
    - For Chaos scrolls, just make the success yield a random gain in stats and failures yield a random loss in stats.
    - For Clean Slates, just make them undo the effects of the last scroll that was technically failed.

    Remove most of the scrolls and make them more streamlined.
    - No more helmet scrolls, pant scrolls, sword scrolls, blunt weapon scrolls, etc. Just make Armor scrolls, Accessory scrolls, Weapon scrolls, and Sub-Weapon scrolls. Maybe keep Glove Attack scrolls as before, if only to keep people from freaking out over needing to re-scroll their armor with attack.

    Allow players to change the order in which their characters appear on the Character Select screen
    - It's not that hard to make a list type data structure change its order, so why the hell don't they let people change the order of their characters? People change their mains all the time, and some people (like me) want their characters to appear in descending order based on how fun they are to play or whether or not the character is a mule.

    Give players the ability to change their default keyboard settings
    - Seriously, does this look like a decent keyboard design?

    - Just make a UI in the Character Select screen that lets the player decide where the default keys should go so that they don't have to reassign every key with every new character that they make. It can't be that hard!

    Make a UI for reassigning Link Skills in the Character Select screen
    - Don't make people log on and off of characters constantly in order to change their link skills. It was fine when there were only three, but now it takes upwards of 5 minutes for some people, and it takes even longer for those who log in from the Game Launcher instead of the website.

    Allow Link Skills to be changed as much as the player wants in one day
    - Exactly what it says on the tin.

    Remove the clutter NPCs
    - There are LOT of NPCs in this game that do absolutely nothing but take up large amounts of space in towns. The Maple TVs that repeat the same lines forever, the extremely old event NPCs that have little warp points around them that teleport players underneath their platforms while they're trying to move around the map, and those huge cart riders in every town who used to take the players to the PvP map but now just tell the players that PvP is accessible through the dimensional portal. All of them are useless, all of them look ugly, and all of them need to go.
    - Basically, if the NPC doesn't give a quest or service at some point or another, take it out.

    Put Cassandra, Gaga and the event shop NPCs on their own map
    - The cause lag, they clutter up towns, and don't fit the themes of any town other than Henesys. Put them somewhere where they won't be a nuisance through the dimensional portal.

    Edit: Forgot to mention this.
    Make Mystery Mastery books always giving Mastery Books for the class that's using them.
    - The system sounded cool on paper, but there are way too many classes for MMBs to be convenient now. And with yet more classes on the way, things will only get worse unless they do something like this or just take the need for Mastery Books out all together!

  2. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    Only things I agree with.

    Why change the scroll system at all?

  3. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
    IGN: Dailom
    Server: Windia
    Level: 188
    Job: Wild Hunter
    Guild: Caelia
    Alliance: HighOrder

    Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    I just don't like the gambling aspect of it. The way it is currently, you either have to buy NX to scroll halfway decent items, or make sub-par items until you can eventually afford to spend all of your savings on pre-scrolled items. And everything explodes if you try using any of the good scrolls. What's the point other than pissing people off?

    ... Don't say money.

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    Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    The scrolling system/upgrade system is fine. It's the lack of scrolls available to non-botting players that irks me.(Same thing with MMB's)
    Another thing that bothers me is having to relog on link mules after being d/c'd.

  5. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    I agree with most of this stuff, but I have a few things I think might work better myself:
    For Potential Scrolls; I definitely agree. I just wanted to emphasize the fact that it's retarded that they boom on failure. Booming on failure at all is a terrible concept that should be removed.
    For Enhancement Scrolls; something EverPlanet, a game I've been playing a lot of recently, did with their enhancement system is absolutely amazing. When you first identify an item, it gets a Star rating, which is anywhere between 0 to 5. When you try to upgrade, if it fails, instead of losing the last upgrade, it loses a star instead, until you run out of stars. I think this system is absolutely amazing. It gives you the freedom to upgrade until you run out of "safety shields" so to speak, and then you can keep upgrading if you choose to risk it. It's one of the best upgrade systems I've run across honestly. I love it.
    For Dark Scrolls; If failure has no negative effects, I don't think Dark Scrolls should even exist. I honestly never liked them in the first place, the risk:reward ratio is too high on the risk side, in my opinion. If they were to remove all booming effects and not add a new negative effect, Dark Scrolls should just be removed.
    For Clean Slates; I think they shouldn't be 100%, but the extremely low chance is stupid, and from what I understand they can boom as well (Never really get any, so I never looked it up), which is even moreso.

    This would help so much, because 90% of scroll drops you get nowadays are worthless. Remember when a scroll dropping was exciting? It was so long ago.

    This wouldn't be such a big deal if they didn't go crazy with new classes. Now that (what feels like) every month they give us a new class, this is a must, I agree.

    I believe there's some character linkage issue on why they cannot do this. Probably something to do with, "What if some character from 2004 still has an event quest that we created [NPC HERE] for?" It would probably create some type of mass runtime error issues. The better solution is to just throw all of these NPCs in an event map you can access from the Dimensional Doorway, instead of sticking a copy of them in every other two (Except any town that matters, because that would be too easy when you need to do said events). Move useless NPCs to the back, and keep the relevant ones in the front for easy access. Since every town has a DD, it would make everyone's life easier.

    This goes with the above.

  6. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    1. Disagree
    2. Agree
    3. Definitely, it would help me separate my mules from the characters i actually play.
    4. Agree
    5. I guess it would be helpful, but the only ones i really reassign is the mercedes to speed up training
    6. hm....
    7. Agreed, most of those are annoying
    8. Yes, like Aqua Road. Would probably solve town lag for most, and most of their quests are remote acceptable anyways.

  7. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    1. "You have been disconnected for the HACK reason." That.
    2. Remove the cluttering monsters, maps, quests, and NPCs. There are TONS of them in the game, taking up space.

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    Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    Make a nickname system that links all characters in an account to a single BL slot. I am so sick of my 100 BL slots being cluttered with alts and mules

  9. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    We can also add that to quests. I've seen some quests where they try to make it sound like they're talking to you by highlighting your IGN in blue, but it just doesn't work. Get a nickname, and ta-da!

    It can also work with guilds to tighten the community/have fun.

  10. Default Re: Make the game less irritating

    As inconvenient as the d/ced for hacking thing is, I prefer it over auto-bans so much more.



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