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  1. Default About those Empress Capes.

    I've noticed a lot of mentions about the Empress Capes being the most expensive and while I've gathered that this is partially due to how they no longer drop except for the Thief capes I have some questions about that.

    1) When did this happen?
    2) How's the pricing of the required materials to make it?

    This is just out of curiosity as the capes still drop in MapleSEA but answers would be welcomed regardless.

  2. Default Re: About those Empress Capes.

    You need 200 dream frags to make the cape through the recipe, and in windia at least dream frags are like 5-7 mil each.

  3. Default Re: About those Empress Capes.

    They never did ever drop in GMS afaik.

  4. Default Re: About those Empress Capes.

    That explains a lot. I was making some comparisons between the prices of items at GMS and MSEA and this one was the one that stood out the most, especially as someone mentioned before that almost all Empress capes without a crafter's name was generated.

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    Yeah i wouldnt buy any without the crafted tags in gms, only a very small amount of them came from gach. And those are probably all gone by now, so the non crafted tag ones are probably hacked



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