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  1. Default Max Dilligence/Lucky Day

    Do those stack together? Would a Clean Slate 20% scroll have 40% success rate?

    Also, which scrolls does it not work with?

  2. Default Re: Max Dilligence/Lucky Day

    They do stack but diligence does not work on special scrolls. Special scrolls include chaos scrolls, clean slates, potential scrolls, equipment enhance, innocence scrolls, etc.

  3. Default Re: Max Dilligence/Lucky Day

    afaik a "special" scroll is a scroll that doesnt state that it adds any stats.

  4. Default Re: Max Dilligence/Lucky Day

    Hm, I don't recall it working on 50% pink scrolls and 20% pink scrolls (boom rate on 20%). That's probably just my experience though because I've failed tons.

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    Before Tempest I got 4 slots of pink 20%s at the 30% success rate, after tempest (same char) the next 4 slots only managed a 20% rate... it's just hard to say, cause I didn't actually use all that many. One more success would have changed the stats a lot.

    Only have like 3 lucky days to work with so can't even attempt to test for that.

  6. Default Re: Max Dilligence/Lucky Day

    It's pretty much confirmed diligence works on the 20% pink scrolls, although I don't know if that's changed in Tempest or not (doesn't really make sense). Diligence does NOT work on 50% pinks because those are apparently not in KMS?

    I did not, however, know that lucky days stack with diligence. Unfortunately I also do not have enough lucky day scrolls to test out, I burned most of them scrolling my nose, ring, and pants with chaos.



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