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    Hey GAZED maplers! I just recently came back to the game after being gone since 2008. Lots have changed. I decided to make a mercedes and want to know what's the best way to start building up again with roughly 500mil of funding? There's all these new %stat equipment and potential stuff (i've picked up on this a bit). I still have an old 18 attack work glove and picked up a clean tempest weapon with epic potential through the event. I don't really know prices after being away from the game so long, so any start up help would be nice. many thanks!

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    Invest into an empress set, they are cheap, I'm not sure how much the archer stuff is anymore but I doubt itll run you up that high.

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    Archer gear is by far the cheapest empress items of all the classes. The cape might be a little expensive though so you might want to skip that piece for now. If you farm coins you could get a nice Novan cape and belt to go with the set.

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    Guessing you mean Heliseum items, can't get Nova equips with Tempest coins.

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    Thanks for the responses guys. I figured out what the helisium cape/belt are but could you guys be more specific on this "empress set"? I did some googling and found something called "empress brilliant set" and "empress fine set". Are these like tempest items where I trade in stuff to get clean gear? Or do I search around the fm for specific items? Could you guys post links to any of this stuff?

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    This is the empress set they are referring to.

    Empress Equips

    Weapon for Mercedes (works with set): Empress Dual Bow

    The "empress brillant set" and fine set are both equips that Ultimate Adventurers get when they reach certain levels. That empress set I linked to comes from the Empress Cygnus boss, you can find them in the fm. If you look near the middle of that page it lists all the items (currently 6). Depending on how many pieces you are wearing, it gives a pretty nice set bonus as well.

    Only thing you need to remember is that now the empress set does NOT have a secondary stat requirement. At least in Khaini, the hat, gloves, overall, and shoes are near 20-50m, the weapon is 100~, and a crafted cape is closer to 1b. All clean of course.



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