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Thread: [Bellocan] B> Clean Slate service

  1. Default B> Clean Slate service

    The ones from Tempest shop. 23 coins each, max of 5 per character (115 coins).

    We can negotiate price, but I've paid 500k/coin to several people before (11.5m/scroll).

    I will only be buying from people I deem trustworthy enough.

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    Still buying. Upping price to 1m per coin.

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    I believe I have about 90 coins to spare on my Corsair(CaptainIan) if you still need them.

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    If you are still buying, i have a few characters that can buy Clean slate scrolls.

    I have 61 coins on my Mercedes, 22 on my evan (will have 23 tomorrow), 105 on my Aran, 96 on my Kaiser, and 66 on my Luminous.
    I can trade you up to 13 clean slate scrolls.



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