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  1. Default I want to get a tattoo

    So I've been wanting to get a tattoo for a while now. When I leave Japan in May and have some downtime in the states before Korea is my best chance to do so (military is weird about getting tattoos while overseas).

    The basic concept of what I want is something like
    on my back, pretty large. I understand with the limitations of the medium I won't be able to get anywhere near that kind of color/detail, but the idea is there. A large zipper going down my back, half open, with outer space showing inside the opened portion.

    Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone that's gotten a tattoo before have any advice?

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    Default Re: I want to get a tattoo

    I have a decent-sized full color piece on my lower abdomen, nowhere near as big as what you're looking to get. So I can share my experiences and say they'll be multiplied for you.

    Price-wise, your concept is going to be multi-hundreds, maybe close to $1000. I'm really bad with tattoo pricing so I'm just using my experience of...I think I paid around $140 for mine, and your concept is perhaps 6-8 times the size, so that gets the estimation.

    Though there are some "limitations" to resolution in the media, good tattoo artists can actually produce impressively detailed works, so make sure the photo you bring them is EXACTLY what you want. I suppose you could bring them something that's, like you said, "a basic concept," but your consultation will be that much longer if you're essentially sketching the whole thing out with them then. They do this because artists create a trace outline of the sketch that they then apply like a temporary tattoo to your body before filling it all in as an actual tattoo. So bear that in mind.

    Time-wise, mine took an hour, so yours would take several, and is therefore something you'd probably have to get done in multiple appointments. That's also underscored by the pain factor: I didn't take any breaks in the process, but I was very close several times towards the end, because getting a tattoo feels like they're lasering a sunburn into you. Also bear in mind the placement of your tattoo and the delicacy of the area it's on - one would think a back more sturdy than where I got mine, though when you're covering the whole surface you'll probably run into some sensitive areas.

    Also because you're getting it on your back note how recovery will affect you. I'd imagine you wouldn't be fully healed for a while, and it would probably affect your mobility for the first week - not drastically, but something preventing you from really exerting yourself. You'll also need to wash the tattoo with plain, unscented soap three times a day, moisturizing it each time afterwards, so as to keep it from getting infected, and to retain the color in the process.

    Last comment: I'd strongly suggest drawing a sketch or printing out even a general idea (like your OP photo) and taping it on your back now. Even if it isn't the exact concept, or even the right size, it's important to actually see the tattoo on your body this way before getting it done because it's the only time you'll see what it will look like at that exact point and placement before making it a permanent addition.

    Apologies for the lengthy post, but there's my brain dump of everything I know about tattoos. Good luck and have fun with it!

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    I'll start out by saying that I don't get tattoos, but that my sister has gotten several, one of her most recent being a back piece much smaller and with a lot less detail than the one you're currently thinking of.

    First off, make sure you do your research on the artist you want to use. There's a rather large number out there, but not all of them have the same quality or artistic ability. Finding someone who fits with what you like and someone who is comfortable doing such a large and detailed color piece is rather important.

    Another is having a friend or family member willing to help put the moisturizer on your back. It may not seem necessary, but as my sister quickly realized, when you have a back tattoo and try to stretch your arms to do your back, it doesn't work out well. Now if you're having the majority of it on your shoulders, you might be able to get away without help, but there's still probably one or two places on your back that will be hard to reach.

    The last piece of advice that is important is to consider your body vs the image you want. For an example, my sister was originally considering getting her back tattoo on her shoulder, but doing so would have made it into an oval instead of a circle due to the way shoulder pieces end up working. That's why she went with a back piece where it would be flat. I'm assuming that the only possible issues might be your shoulder blades given what you want, but I just thought I'd mention it so you keep that in mind. Having part of the image flare out weirdly due to them or perhaps vanish at the wrong angle with your shoulders or maybe the zipper being slightly off center all could detract from your piece and you should try to take that into account.

    I think Froz covered most of the rest, so there's my two cents I suppose. Be sure to post some pictures after it's done and healed up some Mas.

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    Just going to point this out: Unless things have changed, you will HAVE to get it in multiple appointments. An old friend of mine got his family crest done on his entire back about 3 years ago, and because of the excessive detail and coloration, they could only do it in segments. There's only so much your body can take, and the blood loss is too extensive on a full back + color design to be able to do it in one go.

    You will also have issues where you have to wait a few weeks between each appointment, to my knowledge. It varies depending on how fast you can heal. Be aware you might have issues fitting between the two trips.

    This may have changed by now, though. I'm speaking purely on what my friend experienced. I've never gotten a tattoo myself.

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    Default Re: I want to get a tattoo

    Get an anchor. Or QM's wheel. Or a fish/dolphin/shark/squid.
    Every sailor I've seen with tattoos invariably has something navy.

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    Talk with the artist who's going to tattoo you as much as you need. I'm guessing he knows better than most of us, even if we're tattooed. They're usually really nice and cool people that will answer all your questions and even help you with the design if you're not 100% sure what you have is what you want. Their suggestions are good, and they have a better idea of how it's going to look once it's done, so ask them as much as you want. The most important thing for me was feeling comfortable. Even the pain goes away when you're feeling comfortable.
    Oh, don't go with someone that you might find annoying/stressing or that might make you feel anxious. I went with my mom and she was asking me "are you nervous? are you nervous? are you nervous?" for like 30 minutes, when I was under the needle I was so anxious that the pain was annoying. The appointment after that, I went alone and it wasn't so painful, I was relaxed and actually enjoying myself.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I plan on doing this in multiple parts, probably just the zipper design, maybe the outline of the planets in the first go, then coloration/etc later on. That way I have a decent looking tattoo that doesn't look too odd for only being partially finished.

    Mute: Why would I get a QM's wheel? I'm an IS...I'm not a submariner, so no dolphins. I'm not a khaki, so no anchor/shark. Lol. If anything I'm going to get my chevrons tattooed on me when IF I get out in 2014 like I plan.

  8. Default Re: I want to get a tattoo

    You should start scouting around for tattoo artists, skill levels vary. With your zipper idea, you can pull (no pun intended) off something like this: but for your back.

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    Default Re: I want to get a tattoo

    I don't have any tatts but f'uck that looks awesome.



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