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    So before you read any of these questions you must know that I have 85% crit chance on a mercedes atm (link skill lvl 1, hyper skill and 5% crit ring) but what I want to achieve is 100% crit without ruining for other upgrades (like taking away boss dmg from inner ability just to get crits)

    1. Is it worth replacing 5% crit chance ring for 21%+ all stat 10 w.att one? (ems have 4 lvl 100+ rings that can be potted)
    2. Is decent se really worth it if you have high % crit chance already? (for non gms servers)
    3. Which inner abilities would be the best for a lvl 200 mercedes with 85% crit chance?

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    1) Worth it, but if the 20% min critical damage (I heard it's back) present on the ring that might be debatable.
    2) If you have high critical rate already it means you could benefit from the Max critical damage more as well, worth it IMO.
    3) 3 lines which could be useful, WA increase / WA per character level / Boss damage.



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