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  1. Default SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Nikki will understand this most of all.



  2. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Quick! Start throwing up rainbows!

  3. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    It's great to hear, bread man. I'm happy for you!

  4. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

  5. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!


    Anyways, act natural, and don't panic. If you act too nervous, she eather thinks it's adorable, or will think SHE did something to make you unconfortable.
    Stay calm, act naturally, and show her your feelings discretely. If you act too shy, or barely get out a word, ^. If you act like -TAKE MY LOVE, ACCEPT IT, BAAAHADNBDAKBADH-, it will get akward for her.

    You lucky little luck. The year starts and this happens to you. Happy for you.

  6. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Both. Be both. She's funny, smart, beautiful, open, honest, kind. I really, really like this girl. PLEASE OH GOD DONT LET ME pineapple THIS UP.

  7. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!


    But really, you got dis.

    Remember to tell her your elo

  8. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    I don't mean to be a downer, but there are times when things go down without either party being at fault. Best of luck but don't be too rough on yourself.

  9. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Here's the best advice I can give you: You're the one that knows her the most out of all of us, you know what to do. I mean, she likes you, so you've obviously been doing the right thing for quite a while now.

    Good luck, have fun!

  10. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Yeah, take it easy, have fun and enjoy yourself!
    Also, I wouldn't take advice from random people on the internet, I don't know why but I imagine everyone being lonely, jealous and clueless :P

  11. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Haha. Congratulations! I don't have any good advice to give here. I wish you luck. c:

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    Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Your first step should just be to calm down. No sense in freaking out.

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    Bask in all of these emotions, no sense in bottling them up. If you want to freak out, then freak out. Get it out of your system.

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    Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Now go update the damm Mafia thread .

  15. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!


  16. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    In all seriousness, I'm fine. I'm just happy to have someone return feelings that I have for them. She's coming out to stay with me in Japan for 2 weeks in March, then we're spending time together in May when I go home before leaving for South Korea.

    The first 2 posts were mostly me just venting all my excess excitement/happiness lol. She's former Army, we went to high school together, and she's from my hometown - so she's one of the rare few people that understands both of the major pieces of my life (home and work). This is an excellent way to start the new year for me. I really like her.

  17. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    You have received multiple squees and good hopes from me for the two of you. That's awesome, though -- you getting to see her and everything~

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    Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Go for it, you got this. Take it nice and easy, just be yourself and you'll be fine. No need to be Mr. Fancy or anything

    Also, from what you've described, seems like she's beyond perfect for you. Go get her bread boy!

  19. Default Re: SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!

    Thanks, everyone else too. I'm pretty ecstatic, obviously lol. There's a lot of room for this to be something more if I don't rush things, and I've been single for quite a bit, so this would be a very welcome change for me.



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