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Thread: "I" Before "E"

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    Except after "C".

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    Have fun with your exceptions bro.

    Exceptions to the rule

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    Words that follow the rule


    God 1
    Atheists 0

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    cie: 10

    cei: 6

    I'm being generous even counting deceit and conceit as separate words since they're obviously just variations on the order of omniscient and prescient.

    Useful ass rule

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    The English language was poorly designed.

    Read or read? Live or live?

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    I love this comedian so much.

    OT: This is like, the helpful thread for all things "I before E" rule-y.

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    bass (bass) or bass (beis)
    basil (basil) or basil (beisil)

    Yeah, English is ass backwards.

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    I never get this one right. Bass or beis? No single f'ucking clue.

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    Eww english nerds...(backsoff) I don't get any of them either @____@



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