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  1. Default Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    So I just got 42% Buff Duration for Luminous and instantly thought about Equilibrium.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Is Equilibrium affected by Buff Duration? (I hear it's not worth it due to cooldown time on it)

    2. What are the best Inner Abilities for Luminous?
    If I had to guess, it'd be Magic Attack, Boss Damage, and Attack Speed.

    Any help is welcomed!
    (Note: I only have 2 Lines unlocked. I don't plan for the 3rd until it's unlocked at lvl 70, like the newest KMS update)

  2. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    Would like to test for you, but Windia1 is down, which means that all people trying to do Aswan will DC first, because people entering the Aswan battle lobby actually enters a private channel. So... yups.

    If buff duration extension does work on Equilibrium, then it's not a bad thing. 28 seconds of Equilibrium implies nearly one full minute of Ender spam, using the Equalise-Changemode combo while staying on your dominant side.

    IMO Boss damage, IAS and +Buff duration for the bosser, else replace the latter with +MA for general purposes.


  3. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    1 of my friends told me that it didn't work on Equlibrum, he was raging about it. Never tested myself if it worked though, there's probably a number of things it doesn't work on as well.

  4. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    I tested it out and both times I've gotten 32 seconds worth of Equilibrium. I have character deck effects too, so it could be why it lasted more than what was once thought.

    Though...I'm not sure if this is really useful outside of bossing. Not sure how often I'll be doing that.
    I really want to keep it, but at the same time, I want to use the rest of my circulators >.<

  5. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    For bossing it is really awesome. Ender spam is really crazy. Spectral light in Light mode gives about 3400%/s (approx), while Ender in Equilibrium gives about 5700%/s. If you have 32 seconds of Equilibrium per instance of Equilibrium, that means 1/3 of the time you're in Equilibrium using Equalise-Changemode, which is pretty damn sick.

    I'd keep that. 42% is pretty high. Unless you tell me that you don't boss at all...

    /edit: This increase in buff duration implies that, if initially you had 24 seconds of equilibrium (with character card) your original overall DPS, using Equalise-changemode when changemode is nearly finished, is about 4000%/s. With the buff duration increase, your new dps is about 4200%... which is about a 5% increase in DPS. Looks like boss damage increase is the way to go if you boss...

    Keeping in mind that +MA is likely only going to add 10-15% damage max because you would already have something like 300MA and the most that inner abilities would give you is 30MA. This would be a good option if you rolled something like +25MA, and would help general training etc. Also I might not bother about +%crit, since it doesn't boost your original dps anywhere close to 10%, and doesn't help Ender. ignorebuffduration is useless because it doesn't help for the status protection skill, and doesn't help DPS significantly. +1 passive skills is... not helpful given that we only have one passive (mastery) that would enter maxlvl+1. Target+1 would be nice if you grind, and makes Ender with Hyper skill look insane (but then again, when would you ever have 4 bosses standing right in front of you, other than Cygnus?).

    Therefore I conclude that you should get %boss damage, hopefully about 15%, or a high +MA, say 25MA. But to be fair, Equilibrium is really helpful for the pseudo-invincibility and stance.


  6. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    That sounds nice I suppose, I won't be able to test it because I prefer to keep my 21% crit rate on Phantom and I'm too lazy to lvl up my Lum and go Azwan =_=. I'd have to wait until the next Hyper skills patch because I managed to pull out a 47% buff duration on my own DB, so I can test out all hypers and what not with that, its easier to test big duration buffs than small ones. It does feel nice to have nearly no CD Final Cut though =s.

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    I actually tested it out myself. For some reason, BD applies when you use the Equilibrium change skill, but not when you use Equalize.

  8. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    That must be why I was told it didn't work, well more testing is good.

  9. Default Re: Inner Abilities for Luminous?

    @Netto Don't wait for the new update in KMS. Although it becomes easy to get 3 lines, You won't be able to use your current circulators. And the new ones can only go up to "Unique" which are currently "A Ranks"
    To get S Rank(Legendary), you need nx for these "miracle circulators", so trying to get Attack speed after Unlimited would take fork tons of nx.

    Personally for me, it's Buff duration> Boss damage but really your choice.
    Don't bet on getting all three lines of MAtt/Attack Speed/Buff duration though, and 42% is too neat to throw away :(



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