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  1. Default Recycling an anvil'd item?

    Wasn't sure how to word the title, but basically if I buy for example a tradeable Corsage medal, give it to a friend to anvil a class specific level 200 medal and I then anvil that over my Brute Squad medal, can I anvil over the Corsage medal with a different medal later on?

    Corsage > Ascendant (C)
    Ascendant (C) > Brute Squad (A)

    Ascendant (C) > Superstar (C)
    Superstar (C) > Brute Squad (A)


    I could also just drop and reissue the Brute Squad. I just want to know if I'd need to buy another tradeable medal or if I can just reuse an existing one.

    I feel like I've made this unnecessarily wordy/confusing. Sorry, I'm tired.

  2. Default Re: Recycling an anvil'd item?

    Yeah you can.

  3. Default Re: Recycling an anvil'd item?

    yup, that's why corsages are so valuable. you can transfer exclusive medals onto different characters at any time.

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    Default Re: Recycling an anvil'd item?

    Hmm.... I think I need Combo King on my Hero....

    I must say I really don't like the combination of tradeable medals and medal anvil.
    It pretty much empties all medal titles of meaning.
    When any char just out of tutorial can be sporting a Pink Bean Slayer, Quest Specialist, or level 200 medal, medals no longer indicate actual accomplishments. When class-specific medals can go anywhere, what do their names even mean?

    But, I guess Nexon has to have its money.

  5. Default Re: Recycling an anvil'd item?

    Yeah.. I wasn't sure about it at first, but the newer classes seem to have much cooler names for their level 200 medals. Legendary Thief sounds pretty nice but Ascendant sounds so cool :(

    I'm still debating it though, the Corsage medals are very expensive and I'd have to pay nearly 6k NX on top of that to even use it.. almost certainly not worth it, just for a couple of words underneath my guild name. :/



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