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Thread: Xenon - 4th Job

  1. Default Xenon - 4th Job

    I made my last Xenon video just now which is about the fourth job advancement. In the video I am using average equipment with potential lines and the new options added in the Unlimited update.
    Xenon is pretty powerful. Xenon goes live in three days, so expect way stronger Xenons than my character.

  2. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Sweet, I got two days to wait!

  3. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    So many buffs.

    Might as well take guesses on what skills get nerfed and how hard they'll nerf Xenon now.

  4. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: StacknStick
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Exist
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: ButcherDen

    Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Wow, a class to actually be excited about

  5. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I know it's customary for someone in the crowd to scream "OP NERF NERF NERF" whenever a new Maple Story class is released but- yeah, that does look pretty powerful seeing that it's average gear and the nerf that comes would possibly be like a meltdown.

  6. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Phantom seemed fine since the majority of his buffs and attacking skillls scaled with the Adventurers he stole from, but they still decided to cripple him into the ground when Tempest came along.


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    I've heard hearsay that KMS players were whining about his ability to steal skills which was why he was nerfed so badly but who cares about that when the only class I chose to fund is pretty much the most nerfed among his group (Heroes)? Let's not even talk about how furious I was seeing post after post on the changes but it did make it easier for me to save my money!

  8. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I think it's beyond stupid that Xenon's main "goto" skill is a hurricane skill. They really need to stop giving classes those.

    57-63k range = average gear? Is that all from buffs, or is "average" gear that high in KMS now?

  9. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Considering the cap was raised and the new system is OP as hell, I'd assume the latter. Though, I'm sure KMST drop rates help a lot in the case of potential and the new system. If I had to guess, what Spadow had in the video would be more along the lines of average funded versus average no-gear player. My Hayato is pretty much "average funded" and it's doing an upwards of 200 ~ 400k per hit with Sanrenzan.

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    It's got to do with that stupid damage formula... +272 INT => he's got >90% boost in every stat i.e. 90% damage increase, just based on +stat items alone. I see that his stats for STR, DEX and LUK were almost identical so he must have been using primarily either +allstat or +%allstat EQ. No I do believe that Spadow's really using standard items that could be obtained from mobs and/or events. /edit: but that's ALOT of +allstat, for basic funding... 272 is nearly twice that of what I have for my other stats on almost all my char...

    Care to give us a quick SS of your gear, @Spadow; ? Or a quick rundown. I'm tempted to draw up a list of all standard EQ that's obtainable and do a quick calculation from there...


  11. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    It's more of an Asura skill.

  12. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: StacknStick
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Exist
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: ButcherDen

    Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I'd be fine if they only lowered damage and critical but having that 30sec warm up time for stolen skills just defeats the purpose of switching skills. Yes, nerf the only thing that makes phantom unique, why not make a 30min cooldown on kaiser xform or a damage cap of 10k on AB? So stupid.... Hope all this class gets for a nerf is lowered damage, not playstyle changes.

  13. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I forgot to tell everyone that I used Cassandra's Blessing which adds +10 Weapon and Magic Attack for 30 minutes and I forgot to use my Lv. 10 Maple Warrior.
    Earlier I made a video about my damage range and equipment, but now I've got newer equipment that I got from monster loot.
    Since that isn't accurate anymore I made a new video:

    The three inner abilities are:

    1. DEX increased by 5, STR increased by 3
    2. All stats increased by 5
    3. Accuracy increased by 50

  14. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Where did most of your stats come from?? Your INT from all your EQ doesn't add up to 200+! Unless I missed something in the passives for Xenon, that gives insane amounts of +all?


  15. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I believe Xenon also gives +All Stats bonus.

  16. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    Xenon's link skill lv 2 gives 10% to all stats.

  17. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    I know, I mean some of his buffs gives +All Stats bonus.

  18. Default Re: Xenon - 4th Job

    When I say "hurricane" skill, I mean more of the fact that it hits "like a hurricane" and I'm not referencing the Bowmaster skill Hurricane.

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    Ok just did a count... you'll get 110 +allstat by the time you max OOPArt Code. At level 170, that translates to an equivalent of +330 mainstat, which is nearly 40% mainstat. That's before items... and I seem to recall that no class ever gets anything more than +100 mainstat...

    In short... dat damage formula...




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