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Thread: [KMST] 1.2.463 - Xenon (3)

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    Other Changes:
    - Boss mobs were weakened. Akyrum, Horntail, PB, and such superbosses took a 0.75 multiplier to their PDRate/MDRate.
    - It's only a 10 MB patch. Don't expect much.

    (PvE) Skill Changes


    This is an output of the latest skill tables.

    Xenon (I)
    Xenon (II)
    Xenon (III)
    Xenon (IV)
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    I fixed the skill strings.
    They switched some of them around so I all I had to do was switch the IDs, which while easier on my end, I'm unsure how difficult it would be to sort it back to original order. It might be trivial.

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    does that mean their pdr is reduce by 25%? if pinkbean has 70% pdr it new one would be 52.5% im right? or im wrong?

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    Default Re: 1.2.463 - Xenon (3)


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    Hey @Fiel;

    Could you update the skill table printout when you have time?


  6. Default Re: 1.2.463 - Xenon (3)

    Will do right now.

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    Any special properties about that particular Water of Life?

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    Virtual Projection doesn't seem to like #x00%. Didn't think it would. Also a typo on Extra Supply I just fixed. Shouldn't be a % sign after the MP cost.

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    Here's my regex for finding variables:


    I don't see why it wouldn't pick up x00.


    EDIT: There is no var x00 for 36111006. I don't know how you're getting that.

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    The variable is #x, and then they appended two zeroes to it because making x = 500 is harder than making x = 5.

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    Oh my god... really? Why the hell... They have a grand savings of ONE BYTE for doing that. They go through all that trouble for one byte?


    I must have put the 0-9 in there for a reason. I'm not sure if taking that out would break things.

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    Probably just be safer adding a space after the x.

  13. Default Re: 1.2.463 - Xenon (3)

    There are other options. I can do an overwrite of that one particular variable to not make it so absolutely retarded. I'll make it 500.

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    I ran a regex find all for #([0-9]+) and it only found the commented out snippets, so I added another find all with [a-z] in the parameter but still nothing.

  15. Default Re: 1.2.463 - Xenon (3)

    Just to clarify, those variables should be [100, 200, 200, 300, 300, 400, 400, ...], correct?

    link01 = retarded
    skill/36111006/common/x = u(x/2)*100

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    i dont get how dual breeder works, anyone wanna explain?

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    We modified this description like three times, I think the final version is pretty clear.

    Description: [Energy] Increases your Dodge Rate to 100%. Each time you dodge an attack, your dodge rate and damage taken will decrease. After dodging a certain number of times, your dodge rate and damage taken will return to normal. Permanently increases your defence.

    For level 20 you have this:
    Energy Cost: 10, Dodge Rate: +100%, Dodge Reduction: 5%, Damage Taken Reduction: 5%, Dodges Before Reset: 10 - Passive Effect - All Stats: +30, Weapon and Magic Defence: +400

    So the moment you use it, you have 100% dodge rate. You dodge once, you now have 95% dodge rate and take 95% regular damage. This keeps going until you dodge 10 times and the skill ends.

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    Why do I think this skill needs a cooldown?

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    It costs 10 Energy. In 10 dodges, you have a 0.60466176% chance to recover the cost of using it.



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