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    Does anyone know where I can download files for Maple Skill images in PNG or GIFs (without the black background in the animation) or APNG? I know Bannedstory is good to use, but I'm looking for the skill images of the new classes (Xenon/Demon Avenger/Hyper Skills). I really wanted to get started in animating, but really in need to find updated images. Also I know Shakar96 used to do the extractions with APNG for the images, but he recently quit his blog so there's no way I can get images anymore =/. I know Southperry extractors have the images, but they contain the black background and i'm looking for animations images with transparent background (if this makes sense). I was told to go to this site and post the question :3
    Thank you to whoever can help me with this request :(

  2. Default Re: Questions with Skill Images Extractions has every image in the game. If you need a specific skill image you can search for the skill name or browse skills.



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