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  1. Default Kaiser skill book

    Again my question: I'm at lvl 70 and i dont know which skill book should i take.
    1. Not much money so i want the one wich can cost lots of money (So i wont buy him r something like that)
    2. I want to be strong + Strong attacks

  2. Default Re: Kaiser skill book

    Gigas wave is your bossing skill.

    Blade Burst or whatever it is called (the thing that drops swords) is your mobbing skill.

    Most bang for your buck would probably be Sword Mastery. Its going to increase your damage across the board to all attacks you do, where as getting just Gigas or Burst is only going to increase that damage. Plus mastery is free W. Atk, mastery, and crit damage.

  3. Default Kaiser skill book

    Conversely, check out prices for mastery books if you can afford them. With enough luck you can walk away from the FM with more skills and less money spent.

  4. Default Re: Kaiser skill book

    I was about to suggest this, since everyone had the same idea (ESM first) those are some of the cheapest books in the FM.

  5. Default Re: Kaiser skill book

    Blade Burst doesn't seem to be an option in the level 70 ones.

  6. Default Re: Kaiser skill book

    i think that's because it caps at 20, and it only allows you to choose level 30 books... blade burst is relatively cheap though.

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    Default Re: Kaiser skill book

    I went for Expert because I tend to go passives first before actives.
    Nonetheless, it helps a lot as max level is 30 atk.



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