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    So as we all know, they have this Dress-up system. How can you change hairstyles/skin colors/etc. on her in Dress-Up and in regular mode? I know it's possible since Limgoon has his AB's hair different. Are you supposed to like transform and go to the shop or something?

    I also have a question about her compacts. Are those AB only or can any characters wear them?

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    From my understanding, you put the Cash Shop items on her Dress-up slots, and she'll wear them when transformed.

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    I know that part. I was wondering about how to customize hair style and stuff like that, as well as wondering if the equips from the AB Compacts are able to be equipped for other classes.

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    You can change hairstyle? I was under the impression her hairstyle is stuck as the default, but she can wear hats.

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    I'm wondering that too, her SNSD outfit is just so cute.

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    This picture I took well basically says everthing.
    After telling if you want to use VIP, Regular, or Royal this UI will pop up asking you which form's hair would you like to change.

    and the Special Angelic Burster Compact Dresses can only be worn by her Transformation no other character can wear it.

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    Thanks. I might customize mine when they come to GMS.



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