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Thread: Fitness thread

  1. Default Fitness thread

    'ello SP

    do any of you care about maintaining your body?
    power lifting?
    body building?
    specific diets?

    anything, really. I do, and I am currently in the vast transformation stage, where I plan on starting an IF diet(intermittent fasting) in order to start my cut this january.
    I've been hitting the gym since march, and I feel better every time I leave the gym.
    it took me a while to get into a solid routine that I actually like, and after reading up on it, getting tips and watching a lot of videos, I got even more motivated, rather than feeling unsatisfied with cheating my gains due to improper lifting and posture.

    I'm hoping this can turn into a civilized discussion, where we can talk about supplements, things that have worked for you.
    you might have a tip to cut down on the sweets, what to eat instead of the chocolate coated thing Nestle made.
    stuff like that.

    I'm currently trying to preserve my gains, as I've been swimming in unhealthy food(christmas is a tough time for a chef).
    my goal is to go from 227lbs to 185 or so.
    I will do cardio tue-wed-thur-friday, lifting fri-sat-sunday, rest day monday. I'll be working a 2-split lifting program and a varying terrain jogging/running plan.

    keep it clean!

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    I used to do Cardio 4 times a week, running a mile-mile and a half. But since school started I couldn't keep commited because I had a lot of afterschool practice and I felt too tired out to go work out.

    Though I'm going to resume starting when this weather decides to stop being a whore, and start running again. I'll probably start lifting weights as well.

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    I personally love doing cardio workouts. I did a sports conditioning class this past semester and loved it because we mostly did workouts taken from crossfit (which I've looked into doing on my own time, but I don't have the money to actually afford it). I try to shy away from lifting mostly because I don't want to be big and bulky, but rather tone and lean.

    Motivation for me would more than likely be that I'm tired of looking at other guys and thinking, "I wish I looked like that," etc. Don't have much of a problem with chocolate and candy because both hurt my stomach (lactose intolerance and stomach aches, respectively). Though being at home is difficult since my family loves to have sweets in the house whereas I usually don't buy them when I'm on campus. In order to curb any munchies I may have, I usually have some fruit lying around the house, whether it be grapes in the freezer or sliced apples in the fridge.

    Gradually cutting out any other drinks and replacing them with water is a huge benefit, as well. I typically try to eat about five times a day rather than the usual three just to keep the metabolism steady.

    Yeah, that's all I can think of. Kind of all over the place, sorry about that.

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    I lift Monday/Wednesday/Friday and do cardio Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. I mainly lift for aesthetics but I focus on compound lifts (Squats, bench, deadlifts, OHP, etc.) with some accessory lifts thrown in, so technically I do powerlifting. I follow a routine called Greyskull LP and I've modified it a little. For cardio most of the time I do kettlebell swings for like 45 minutes; I'm not picky with cardio at all, and kettlebell swings help build core strength so why not?

    The only supplements I take are creatine monohydrate and whey protein. Creatine isn't bad for you and it's not a steroid; it doesn't make your peepee smaller nor does it make you super strong. It just gives you an edge in the gym and there's nothing unsafe at all about taking it. Whey protein because protein.

    Some advice to throw out there is to never neglect strength training unless you're a distance runner or in a position where a higher body weight is a hindrance to your performance. It takes a lot of effort to get buff, and simply picking up heavy things or doing push-up variations a few times a week won't automatically make you huge unless you're specifically trying. Even if your goal is to be skinny, at least strength train for endurance. The more muscle you have, the easier it is to burn fat, and the healthier you become.

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    I do Cardio running about five times a week. I run about two-three miles depending on how I feel.

    I love Cardio because if I am generally in a bad mood, I can run it off. And it's nice that I dropped about 20 pounds in a month and a half with this diet I did. Yay 180 mark.

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    I've read great things about exercises like squats and deadlifts, but I never really got started because the warnings about bad postures and messing up your back worry me a lot. I realize it's an excuse, but at the same time, I don't really get how I can tell if I have the right posture even after reading guides and watching instructional videos. Do you have any tips that may be a bit more personal than the guides?

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    I read Starting Strength to learn how to do the big four lifts I mentioned. My posture still isn't perfect but my form doesn't really suffer. My advice:

    Squats: Make sure the bar is resting near where the dents on your back are, between your traps and your scapula, and not on your neck. Have your thumb over the bar so your hands are just keeping it in place, not supporting the weight of the bar; this takes some stress off your wrists. Try to keep your knees behind your toes otherwise you could end up with knee problems. The hardest part is knowing when you're going to parallel; you usually "know" when you're squatting some heavy ass weight and your butt starts to hurt on your way up, but other than that someone just has to form check you until you get used to doing it.

    Deadlifts: Mark Rippetoe, the guy who wrote Starting Strength, explains it in a way that's really easy to understand.

    Bench: Bury your upper back into the bench and use your legs to push your midsection upwards so you're lying with an arch, that is, your head and upper back are touching the bench, your lower back mostly isn't, and your butt is. Squeeze the bar like your life depends on it; your arms will be able to put in more work. Do your reps as fast as you can, since the longer you're holding the bar the more tired you get. The bar when it's racked should be lined up with your forehead. Make sure your wrists aren't bent when taking the bar off the rack. Lower the bar to your middle-lower chest and keep your elbows slightly in.

    Overhead press: Stand straight with your chest out, maybe a little exaggerated, so that you can use your chest when lifting the bar. Jerk the bar up once from your initial starting position if you have to, since your initial starting position might be lower than your repeating starting position. Tighten your entire body so your back stays straight and your core stays engaged. Make sure you're looking straight and not up; the only time you should be looking up is when the bar is passing your chin so you don't hit yourself in the jaw.
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    Default Re: Fitness thread

    I dont really exercise, but I have recently been eating a lot better. Ive dropped about 30 pounds since the semester started (so in about 3 months). Ive been contemplating at the very least doing sit ups. Im 6 foot 3 inches sitting around 225 pounds. Without exercise, Im relatively strong, so some of the weight comes from muscle as well.

    I figure if I can keep my weight loss going and I do some light working out and get to about 200 pounds, Ill be mighty happy with myself.

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    Default Re: Fitness thread

    Ben and I pretty much have the same work out regiment going on. Working a two-day split with some cardio days sprinkled in throughout the week. Squats and deadlifts are your biggies, but form is always something of importance, not only for your gains, but for your health. Hurting yourself will set you back further than cheating yourself by throwing more weight on and doing your lifts improperly. Don't do it to impress anyone, do it for yourself.

    Currently going through a bulking phase right now, so I've increased my caloric intake to about 2700 on lifting days. Currently weighing about 220 as opposed to my usual weight around 200-210. Gonna keep this up until about February and then try and cut down to about 195 for spring/summer.

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    There is a gym literally down the street from my work so I'm thinking of starting when my break is over so I only have to work weekends and have weekdays left for homework/working out. Anyone got tips or something for a beginner ( unless you count 2 months or so that I ran everyday + some strength work and stuff)

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    Default Re: Fitness thread

    Really depends on what you want to do. Give us a better idea of your body type/what your goals would be and we can give you a better idea on what you should do.

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    Goal: get back in shape to run a half marathon in April
    Secondary goal: be able to wear most of my jeans again

    twice a week: short jog/rebounder depending on weather (30-45 mins)
    once a week: sumpthin else (Dance Central, Yoga, ab stuff)
    once a week: long run (3-10 miles)

    Three rest days because I walk to and from work, which is a 30 minute walk each way. Also because I am lazy.

    One of the best and worst things to happen is that a Trader Joe's opened up a block away from my apartment, which means easy access to healthy food... and easy access to aisles of delicious, delicious cookies. I have pretty terrible self control so tonight I bought ingredients to make yummy (and healthy!) salmon fillets and also two boxes of mochi ice cream. ;__; Help!

    I'm not even sure if I'm actually going to run in April, as the hubby wants to do a full marathon and there is no way that my knees or lungs could handle the full distance. But I'm training anyway for moral support, and also to get my relatives off my back about having put weight on. =/

  13. Default Fitness thread

    I got Dance Central 3 a few days ago and have manage to do it almost daily. I'm hoping to start there, at least, because this shiz be fun. I'm also doing some lifting once a week, but I can't do it for long yet.

    As for my diet, I'd really like to start doing 5 meals a day, but my parents get REALLY anal about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if i cut down on those meals they get pissed. If I want to space meals out I can't do their regular lunch and dinner, so I don't know what to do.

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    Build muscle and lose weight (though that doesnt make much sense since building muscle would make me weigh more, but you probably know what I mean)

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    Thought of the idea of turning this into a fitness reporting thread (Kinda like "How was your day?") since a lot of people are probably hopping on the bandwagon for the new year. Would anyone actually post if that was the case?

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    I would. that'd give us more reason to post, rather than waiting for someone to have a question.

    I've finally managed to put together my full program, along with healthy snacking. aw yiss.

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    Might as well start the trend.


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    Default Re: Fitness thread

    I've tried this before and found it to be negligible.

    I've been in the gym everyday since Tuesday (missed Monday cause my gym closed early and I didn't know :[). Productive week in some areas. Made some good adjustments to my deadlifts that have really helped and eliminated a lot of back pain I'd been having. Squats are great per their usual. Getting a little down by my lack of progress with my [Standing] Shoulder-Press. Really hoping to break that one plate barrier :\

    Those are the biggies. A little irritated by the weight I'm putting on by eating more. Starting to wonder if it's worth it anymore.

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    Two things I dislike: Standing shoulder presses and bulking. Coming from an overweight background I don't like gaining weight at all, even if it's good for me. A successful bulk can't be done without gaining fat, but you'll really start to notice when you make a lot of progress in the gym. I haven't been able to OHP more than 125 either. :(

    It took me a while this time to realize that I hit a plateau with my gains after my break about 2 weeks ago; I dropped 10% on all my compound lifts today and did pretty well (I haven't had a day where I "killed it" in a while, still waiting on that). I'll probably end up resetting my deadlift too since I was barely able to pull 325x4 last time I tried.

    Spartan Santa, day 7/100

    Hoping to get back in step in the next week or two. Still need to work on sticking to my diet.

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    Default Re: Fitness thread

    Yeah, believe me, I hear that. Being nearly 300 lbs myself a year and a half ago, even the slightest weight gain wigs me out. I'm at my most comfortable around 190-200. Currently I'm sitting at around 220 from trying to bulk during the winter :( I know I can always lose it whenever and that it's beneficial, but it doesn't mean I have to be comfortable doing it is my motto.

    Anyways, got a good "early" morning run in. Gonna hit the weights hard next week and hopefully make some progress on a few lifts this week.



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