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    Hey guys! I was wondering how should I expand my gear, as in what should I buy first, and what should I be cubing before everything else.
    I have around 4.5b atm ( I know is not much) and this is my current gear.

    I have a clean sharktooth cape (trying to pos chaos it) and hat, shoes and overall kind of suck, so I'll get one more to pos chaos them.
    So I'm asking you guys, I don't know what to buy/craft next, maybe a dom pendant, a new belt, idk
    BTW this is n Windia.

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    If you cube, I think it goes without saying - always cube your no/lowest %stat first since it gets increasingly hard to raise %stat as you go up. In your case, I'd probably cube specs, hat, or overall. Kind of depends also on if you're the type to scroll first then cube or cube first then scroll.

    If you're patient, I would recommend the Mystic Face (maybe Eye if you ever decide to ditch your specs) from Silent Crusade. Lyka's Mystic Gate is 100 coins a day. And if you're extremely patient, fuse them in hopes of Epic+.

    For pendant, if you like crafting they have those tradeable Purple Wolf Pendant or whatever in Ardentmill Recipe shop. Not exactly a Dominator or a MoN but it is freely tradeable and third tier potential too.

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    I'd get to work on the Shark Tooth Cape since the 6 set bonus would be the biggest range jump for you at the moment.

    Don't overly spend on one piece of equipment; try to spread your money around equally (ex. rather than cubing 1 thing to Unique with 15%, try to cube maybe 3-4 things to Epic with just 6-9%).

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    Basically the way I do it is set 2 goals
    1) rank up (use cubes until rare->epic, epic->unique, unique->legendary)
    2) lines of useful stats
    If an item gets multiple lines of useful stats, stop, period. It's better to cube something else. If it gets a single line of useful stats, which is better than some other item, stop there too. Otherwise, if it's a single line that's the worst of all your equips (eg. 3% when your other equips are all 3% or better) keep going.
    If you're at the point where you need rank-ups to improve, do it one equip at a time, and once they've ranked up, get them to 1 useful line that was worth the rank up (eg. 9% stat on a unique) unless above goals occur sooner.

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    yep, pretty much what stereo said. level all your serious equips together.

    also, i usually recommend ranking/cubing first your tradeables, since more chars on your account will get a boost out of it.

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    Wow thanks for the replies guys, I'll do as you said :)



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