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    So is anybody else having issues with nexons nx purchasing pages? I tried using paypal and after selecting amount it just tells me server connection was reset and doesn't load. and I just tried a Karma Koin card and after clicking submit it shows the loading circle then it just does nothing. This is fairly aggravating. Anybody know a fix or is it simply Their servers being screwed at the moment.

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    That happened to me once. All I did was log out and then log back in and it worked after that.

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    Maybe the universe is giving you a sign.

    On a serious note; Yeah, I've had the entire Nexon NA NX page break for months at a time and there's nothing you can do about it. I've asked several friends and they all have the same issue randomly.

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    The universe truly hates me lately it would seem.

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    It was doing this to me yesterday when I was charging an Ultimate Game Card.
    I was using Chrome, and then I decided to swap to Internet Explorer for a quick second to see if it worked.
    Of course it did, and I was able to charge points onto my account.

    You could try something similar to that?



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