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  1. Default Enhancing Tempest Equips for ATK

    Can the Tempest equips be enhanced for ATK since the stats are part of the base equip?

    Also, is there a reference to what equips gain what stats from Enhancements?

  2. Default Re: Enhancing Tempest Equips for ATK

    Enhancements don't work like chaos scrolls; They only give specific preset stats on equips based on what slot they go into. You can only get weapon attack on gloves and weapons from enhancing, to my knowledge. Attack on gloves being extremely rare.

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    Default Re: Enhancing Tempest Equips for ATK

    and superior equips* but those have 100% preset growths

  4. Default Re: Enhancing Tempest Equips for ATK

    Apparently you can also get attack on shoes, but that's very rare. I've also seen a 32 attack mask that I didn't know existed, it's possible you have a very low chance of getting attack on any equip, it's just more common on glove and weapon.

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    Default Re: Enhancing Tempest Equips for ATK

    Speaking of which, I've managed to misplace my superior enhancement tables and the search function is useless.
    Do you, or anyone, happen to have them on hand?



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