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Thread: Grades Thread

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    Default Grades Thread

    Havn't seen a grades thread yet for the most recent semester (not sure about trimester).

    Not my best, but I hated (though one of those netted me a B and the other a D+)

  2. Default Re: Grades Thread

    First semester of college, pretty proud even if it is only two classes that are both pretty basic.

  3. Default Re: Grades Thread

    /Dual-Credit Enrollment
    /Quietly sobs in the corner because History is one of my favorite subject-

    Our Professor wasn't very... coherent with the class you could say. She never really interacted with us and then disappeared after Finals for First Semester.

  4. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Algebra I Honors-98
    Phys. Science Honors-96
    U.S. History-96 (not set in stone because my exam grades aren't posted yet, even though the exam for our period was on the 18th)
    Spanish I-95

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    Not really happy with the B+, I should have received an A- at least but the course director decided to modify my section's markings after the term

  6. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Weird how your grades show up all nice and neat like that (read as: cool).

    Organic Chemistry I (Lecture and Lab): A/A
    Intro to Biology II: A
    Differential Equations: A
    History of the US I: A
    Sports Conditioning (Pass/Fail): S

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    I havent gotten an anything less than an A in the past year.

    Introduction to Business and Technology
    Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Online
    Professional Communication
    PC Hardware and Software with Lab
    Ethical and Legal Issues in the Professions
    Computer Applications for Business with Lab
    Introduction to Networking with Lab
    Introduction to Scripting and Database with Lab - OS Shell scripting
    Introduction to Routing with Lab
    Intro to Switching w/Lab
    Principles Info Sys Security
    Intro to WAN Tech w/Lab
    Voice/VoIP Admin w/Lab
    NETW Op Sys-UNIX w/Lab

    I'll be taking these last 2 classes, and I'll get my diploma!

    Career Development
    NETW Op Sys-Windows w/Lab

    Ochem whooped my ass, but I still passed somehow.

  8. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Posted in "How was your day" thread already, but hey.

  9. Default Re: Grades Thread

    No GPA because I'm not on a degree program, but hey.

  10. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Phonetics: 4.3/5
    General Linguistics: 4.4/5
    Writting skills: 4.8/5
    General Epistemology: 4.2/5
    Politics: 4.6/5
    Introduction to investigation: 4.2/5

    Oh, I also took a test to get English classes credits without actually taking the classes. I don't know the grades yet but I know I passed 7/8 levels.
    I'll skip basic/intermediate and one advanced class. :3
    I'm hoping I can do even better next semester.

  11. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Mostly general education for now, last Fall results:

    - English (research paper): B
    - Math (Sequences/Series Calculus): A
    - Psychology (Cognitive): A
    - Critical Thinking: A

    GPA sitting at 3.8 because of English and social science classes.

    Winter will be the most fun I'll have had in a while, Physics 3 (wave and light), Vector/Multivar Calc, Statistics and perhaps Philosophy of Science if I can convince the prof to let me sit in his class without be enrolled.

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    Calculus grade saved so hard by the curve.
    No clue what Lit grade is. Probably a B+.

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    Default Re: Grades Thread

    Grrrrrr, won't be getting the other one until after the 2nd. (but yay at the current two!)

    woo, B, B, B+. :)
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  14. Default Re: Grades Thread

    4th grade of secondary ^^

    (The grades are from 0 to 20)

  15. Default Re: Grades Thread

    This feels so out of place when most of these posts are from college. ':I
    Missing 2 because...well, idk. First set is quarter, Second set is semester.

    History Honors:A/B
    Arts Core:B/B
    Jap. 1:C/C

  16. Default Re: Grades Thread

    What do you see in "Educación religiosa"? Catholic stuff? Are you in a catholic school?

  17. Default Re: Grades Thread

    Well, from 2nd to 5th grade of secondary it's more like theology(in 5th grade the name is theology, not "educacion religiosa"). In primary it's like the history of jesus, the apostols, Ignatius of Loyola, and other saints.

    Catholic school managed by jesuits.

  18. Default Grades Thread

    Differential Equations - F
    Digital Circuits - F
    Programming Fundamentals - A
    Probability and Statistics for Engineers - F
    Acoustics, Optics and Radiation - F

    Will update once I have actual grades. Damn it finals, be up already.

    I did actually fail differential equations. It's a setback, but I don't give a damn. Keep moving forward etc.
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