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  1. Basic0 FallenMemory's Comprehensive Bishop Bossing Guide

    I decided to write this guide to help my fellow Bishops in the community. I've noticed while playing that many Bishops have numerous question regarding bossing and our role during each boss. The problem up until now has been that the information has been scattered across numerous forums and website. Hopefully that will all change now.

    What you can find in this guide:
    - Important information that Bishops need to know regarding all the major bosses in Maplestory. This includes all the stats, attacks, HP, and status effects of the bosses. Be aware that this means I've left out some information that I felt was irrelevant to a Bishop.

    - For each boss I will cover an overview of the boss, strategies for both party and solo bossing and your role at each boss.

    What YOU can do to help improve this guide:
    -When making this guide I went through a lot of data, and as such I'm bound to have made some mistakes. If there's anything you feel is incorrect or needs fixing PLEASE leave a comment below or PM me so I can fix it. Yes this includes Typos. =P

    -Also if there's anything you would like to see added to this guide such as more bosses or tips, feel free to let me know and I'll try to get on it as best I can.

    Basic Tips, Advice and Bishop Know-how:
    - Try to get as much Status Resistance as you can, as it will really help you out when bossing. You start off with a pretty big 40% from Bahamut and can get more from maxing willpower combined with some demon slayer character cards. Upcoming Hyperskills will give us some more also.

    -One trick to maximize damage is to teleport in-between casts of Angel Ray. If you do it right it shouldn't slow you down, and teleport mastery will be doing damage.

    -Remember that Bishop Magic Guard can no longer be dispelled.

    -I suggest getting a Mihile to level 70 for the link skill. It's really useful.

    Status Symbols:
    One thing I feel that every Bishop should know is the status symbols. Knowing what each of these do if vital to playing a good supporting role in your party. Unless stated otherwise below all these status' can be removed using dispel.

    Click to see status symbols

    Main Bosses
    The following are the main bosses of Maplestory. If you're reading this guide chances are you came for information regarding these.



    Chaos Zakum




    Chaos Horntail


    Pink Bean


    Chaos Pink Bean


    Von Leon




    Area Bosses/Easy Solo Bosses
    The following bosses are the popular area bosses and bosses that do not need a party.















    Upcoming Bosses to be added to this guide
    Magnus (As soon as I get more information and get to go on a couple runs myself)

    This guide is something that I've been wanting to make for awhile. I hope that people like it and find it useful. Maybe now finding information on bosses won't require people to go to a million different sites piecing together information as they go. I also made this guide just to give back the Bishop community. I know a lot of Bishops often have a lot of questions regarding bossing, and hopefully this alleviates some of them. As stated in the intro feel free to PM me with any questions at all =]. I'll try my best to update this guide with more bosses and changes as they're released in GMS.

    Credits and Legal Stuff
    Thanks to everyone I've talked to that has helped me with get information (you know who you are =P). Also thanks to the countless Bishops over the years who I've talked to and watched bossing videos of. This guide is a accumulation of things I've learned from them along with things I've discovered along the way.

    Special thanks to:
    Southperry, Hidden-Street and Bannedstory for extractions and to Perpetual for being awesome.

    This guide is only approved for use on and BasilMarket. If you want to use it somewhere else PM me and I'll talk with you.
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    Anyone how to get the Bishop prefix for this guide? The only ones that show up are the prefix's of threads already made.

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    I think joystick curse does the opposite of what you said. It deals damage every tick so long as you aren't moving.

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    I was under the impression it was when you moved. I'm still pretty sure it works like this unless something changed.



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